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Types of Meets

Types of Meets

Dual Meet – This is when the Gators swim against one other team either at one of our pools or the opposing team’s pool.  LWSA provides ribbons for all our swimmers who swim in these events.  Dual meets are officiated meets and times achieved in these meets are official times.  

USS Meet – These are meets that are held on the weekend (typically Friday night through Sunday). These meets may have a lot of different teams.  Swimmers are grouped by age.  Awards are typically provided by the host team and not everyone will receive awards for their swims. Sometimes swimmers are eligible for high point awards and the team may be eligible for a team high point award.

Gator Mini Conference – This is a meet that we have for our swimmers at the end of the winter season that will not be representing the team at the South Suburban Swim Conference.  This is where Gators are swimming against Gators and everyone gets to pick their own events.  Swimmers who take part in this event are awarded a LWSA medal at our Banquet of Champions.

South Suburban Swim Conference Championship – This meet is the championship meet for the conference we belong.  For the winter season, typically the South Suburban Swim Conference is held on a week night in February.   For the summer season, the meet is usually held on a weekday evening in early July.  LWSA Gator coaches will pick the swimmers who will represent our team at this meet.  Awards are provided by the conference.

Regional Meets, State Meets & beyond:

Swimmers must achieve the required time cuts in order to compete in the below meets:

Regional Championships

Age Group State Championships (14 and under)

Senior State Championships (15-18)

Zone Championships (14 and under)

Sectional Championships (15-18)

Junior National Championships