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Volunteer Job Descriptions



The descriptions below are meant to give an idea of the requirements for each volunteer position.  They are not meant to be all encompassing.  None of the positions require anything more than a willingness to help, and all of the positions are necessary to run a successful meet.  Please email the Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions.


  • ADMISSIONS:  Sit at the table near the front entrance and collect admission fees, hand out wristbands/heat sheets/etc.
  • AWARDS:  Sit in the office (air conditioned) and prepare ribbons, medals, roses for distribution to the swimmers.
  • BULLPEN FOR 8 & UNDER:  On deck helping the coaches line up the 8 and under swimmers for their events.
  • CLEAN UP:  Empty garbage bins throughout the lobby, upstairs and on deck. 
  • CONCESSIONS:  Work the concessions area distributing food and collecting money.
  • DECK MARSHALL:  Stand on deck to monitor the swimmers to make sure there is no running or horsing around and keep parents off the deck (no adult without a volunteer badge or coach’s badge is allowed on deck).
  • HOT HEAT PRIZES/HEAT WINNER PRIZES:  On deck handing out a prize to the winner of specific/each heat.
  • LOCKER ROOM MONITOR:  Sit outside the locker rooms to ensure no parents are entering.  Safe Sport does not allow parents in the locker rooms during meets.
  • ORDER OF FINISH:  Sit or stand on deck at the start/finish end of the pool and record the order that the swimmers finish for each race.
  • RESULTS POSTING:  Hang the race results at various locations throughout the pool.  Coach Mark will hand you the results at the scorer’s table and you will tape them to the wall at the designated locations.
  • RUNNER (DQ):  Stand on deck and collect DQ slips from various meet officials and deliver them to the head official.
  • RUNNER (EVENT):  Collect the heat slips from the timers at the end of each heat or event and bring them to Coach Mark at the scorer’s table.
  • SPIRIT WEAR TABLE:  Sit at the spirit wear table and collect money from anyone wanting to purchase spirit wear.
  • SPLIT THE POT:  Walk around the lobby, upstairs, and on deck and ask if anyone would like to participate in the split the pot fundraiser.
  • TIMER:  Stand at the start/finish end of the pool and time the swimmers using a stopwatch and write down their times.
  • TIMER – HEAD:  See TIMER above.  This position sits or stands off to the side of the start/finish end and monitors the other timers in case of a malfunctioning stop watch.  This person will exchange his/her stopwatch with a timer for the malfunctioning stopwatch.
  • TIMER – RELIEF:  See TIMER above.  This position sits or stands off to the side of the start/finish end and monitors the other timers in case a timer needs to take a break.  This person will relieve the timer until they get back.