Winter Schedule

The Fall/Winter swim program in McHenry competes in Northern Illinois Winter Swim Conference meets and Illinois Swimming Inc. (ISI)/USA official meets. Note: All swimmers are required to be registered with USA swimming which requires a yearly $75 membership fee.USA swimming fee included in team pricing. Practices are held at McHenry High School West Campus swimming pool beginning Monday, September 18 and continue through mid-March. Below are the descriptions, practice times, and fees for the different team levels.

Try It First on Wed, Sept 6. Children ages 5-7 years old trial at 6:00 pm. Children ages 8+ years old trial at 7:00 pm. Do you wonder if your child will like swim team? Want to know what it takes to be a Marlin? Children will meet with coaches, spend 15 minutes on land and 30 minutes in the pool being evaluated. Parents and swimmers will learn about the team and be assigned a practice level. Tryouts are free and will be held at McHenry High School West Campus pool. Children need a suit, goggles, and towel for tryouts. MUST be able to swim 25 yards unassisted.

5-Day Trial: First-time swimmers can do a 5-day trial from September 11-15. The week will consist of mini practices before swimmers join their normal practice times. Mini-practices will be from 5:30-6:30 pm, Monday-Friday of that week. Swimmers will have to withdraw or pay by first day of regular practice on September 18. 5-day trial swimmers must attend try-out day and still complete the registration form prior to the try-out day.

Scholarships/Payment Options/Multiple Child Discount: The McHenry Marlins parent board is proud to offer scholarships for families in need. Scholarship forms are available by e-mailing Scholarship forms are due by October 20 to be considered for fall/winter season. Payments options are available to help families as well. Early bird payments of full season amount will receive special discount pricing. Families with two or more swimmers will receive a $10 discount per additional child enrolled on the team.

Note: Pool size and space determine team size. We strive to provide a program that allows our coaching staff to provide specific trainings per age group. To assure your child’s spot on the team, please register early. Max swimmers for Blue (40), Bronze & Silver (40), Gold (25), Platinum (25). Swim team is not swim lessons. Coaches might suggest another year of lessons before children are ready to join the team.

Coaches & Aquatics Supervisor have final decision on level placement for ALL swimmers.

Blue Level: This level is for swimmers that can strongly swim 25 yards unassisted. Blue offers a basic introduction to the four competitive strokes used in swimming and the other skills necessary to swim competitively. The emphasis is on fun in the water as swimmers learn the correct techniques to swim competitively. Blue level swimmers must be able to swim front crawl and backstroke. Blue level is required to attend 2 rec meets and at least 1 ISI meet. Practice 3 days/week.

Bronze Level: This level is for the growing swimmer who can perform the following: 50 yards of freestyle from a standing dive; 25 yards each of butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke (25 yards streamline dolphin kick may be substituted for the butterfly); and a freestyle flip turn. Bronze level is required to attend 2 rec meets and at least 2 ISI meets. Practice 3 days/week.

Silver Level: This level is a transitional level for swimmers who have achieved a designated level of success based on effort, practice consistency, meet participation, and time standard achievement. Swimmers must be able to perform the following: 50 yards of all four competitive strokes with legal turns and finishes, 200 yards of continuous freestyle with flip turns, and a 100 yard IM with legal turns. Silver level required to compete in a minimum of 3 rec meets and at least 3 ISI meets. Practice 3-5 days/week.

Gold Level: This level comes with an emphasis on refining competitive stroke technique, building strength and endurance, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and exposing swimmers to greater race opportunities. Swimmers must be able to perform the following: a legal 200 IM with correct stroke and turn technique. Gold level required to compete in a majority of meets including a minimum of 4 rec meets and a least 3 ISI meets. Practice 3-5 days a week.

Platinum Level: This level is designed for the swimmer who is making a serious commitment to the sport of competitive swimming. Swimmers are progressing towards being top-level athletes at state and national levels. Swimmers must be working towards or have obtained four regional cuts or one state cut, have a very proficient stroke technique, be able to read a pace clock, and have a strong work ethic. Platinum level swimmers required to compete in a majority of meets including a minimum of 3 rec meets and most ISI meets. Practice 5 days/week.