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Fall/Winter 2021-22 Volunteer Requirement
Volunteer Coordinator: Amy O’Brien   [email protected]

NAC Families are required to fulfill volunteer requirements as follows:

  • Families must complete 15 volunteer hours during the season. As part of these 15 hours, all families must volunteer at two of the NAC hosted ISI meets: Pick Your Poison, Distance Challenge or Winter Classic. In addition to the 15 hours, all families will be required to volunteer at the Conference meet if our team is chosen to host.  IHSA Athlete families must complete 7.5 hours including one ISI meet plus Conference if NAC is hosting.
    • $20 fee per occurrence for failure to show up for a volunteer commitment.
    • $20 fee per occurrence for canceling your volunteer commitment less than 24 hours from the scheduled start time of the meet.
    • $20 fee per occurrence for not fulfilling your complete volunteer position time slot, ie. arriving late and/or leaving early for the allotted time of the volunteer commitment.

It is the family’s responsibility to find a replacement if you have committed to volunteer and volunteering has been closed. Any families not showing for a volunteer slot, who did not contact the volunteer coordinator and did not find a replacement, will be assessed a $20 no-show fee.  If you find a replacement it is your responsibility to make sure they show.

For families that are unable to make some or all of the above requirements, the Club will charge your account $200 in lieu of working.  Please note this is NOT a financial opt-out provision, as the Club needs EVERY SINGLE work session filled to make a meet run properly.  There will be no exceptions to these provisions.

Other information:
  • Volunteer opportunities will be listed under the “events” tab on the NAC website. Notifications will be sent through email as new volunteer positions arise.
  • Volunteers should wear a NAC or purple shirt while volunteering.
  • All volunteers must be 16 years of age or older unless special permission is granted by the volunteer coordinator.
  • Volunteers should check in with the volunteer coordinator (Amy) or another board member at the start of their shift in order to receive credit for their service.
  • Due to liability, we cannot accommodate other non-swimming children on deck or in concessions while volunteering.

Volunteer Job Descriptions  

TIMER – Timers participate in the entire meet. Every swim lane will have 2 timers behind each start block. One timer (Timer 1) will use the stopwatch and write down times from both watches.  One timer (Timer 2) will use a stopwatch and press the plunger at the end of the race. Timer one will write down both watch times on the event slip and give to the runner after each event. Either a runner or a volunteer coordinator can be available if a bathroom break is needed.   Twelve timers are needed for each meet. Timers arrive at least 30 minutes prior to meet start for a timers meeting.

RUNNER – Each meet has two runners.  One runner takes all the official times from each swim lane to the head table after each event is swum. Another runner will take any DQ slips for that event from the officials to the head table after each event.  Both runners are present on deck for the entire meet. 2 runners are needed for each meet. Runners will also offer water to Officials, coaches of both teams, timers, and all deck workers during the meet. Runners must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start of the meet and attend the timers meeting.

HEAD TIMER-The head timer participates in the entire meet.   They start two stop watches for every heat for back-up times in case the main timer watches fail.  If a timer raises their hand as they have a faulty watch the head timer gives them one of the started watches.  One head timer is needed per meet. Head timers must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start of the meet and attend the mandatory timers meeting.

CONCESSION STAND – Concession stand volunteers help set up and work concessions during a swim meet. Head of concessions will be appointed by the board and will direct all volunteers during the meet. Concession workers need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start of meet to help with set up. All volunteers will rotate to allow workers to watch swimmers during the meet. Concessions will help clean-up the stand after concessions close.

LOCKER ROOM MONITOR– These volunteers will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet and remain on deck to do frequent locker room checks. NO swimmer should be in the locker rooms during the meet for any other reason than bathroom breaks and changing to leave.  Parents are not allowed in the locker room for any reason. If a parent or a swimmer needs help, a board member or coach should be notified by the bathroom assistant.  Two people are needed for each meet, one female and one male.

SPLIT THE POT - This volunteer will arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of meet to collect split the pot raffle tickets. This volunteer will offer raffle tickets to the visitors in the stands during the meet until the start of the individual medley during a dual meet.  At other meets, a board member will determine the time that the tickets will no longer be sold. At that time, the money collected and the raffle tickets will be turned in to the board member working in the concessions area. The tickets will be then taken to the head table for the number to be called.  A board member on deck will oversee the pulling of the ticket. One person needed per meet.

CLEAN UP -  These volunteers sign up for cleaning in the stands or on deck.  Two to Four volunteers depending on the size of the meet and if concessions is open.  These volunteers make sure to clean up trash, sweep, and pick up any lost items. They also need to check the lobby and stairs to the pool stands for any garbage or spills on the floor.  They need to be there a half hour before the meet is projected to end and stay until a board member confirms that nothing else needs to be cleaned up.

EMERGENCY BACKUP- This volunteer is at the meet to fill in when another volunteer has to cancel last minute.  They can be placed into ANY position that the volunteer coordinator determines necessary.

SPECIAL ISI MEET JOBS The following jobs are usually only available at our hosted meets (Poison/Winter Island Classic).  Descriptions are approximate. You will receive detailed instructions on your duties prior to the meet.

ADMISSIONS TABLE – You will arrive about 15 minutes prior to doors opening.  You will sit at a table at the top of the stairs and take admissions fees and provide heat sheets to spectators.   Each meet has two volunteers and they are there the entire event.

VOLUNTEER CHECK-IN TABLE – You should be one of the first volunteers to arrive, about 30 minutes prior to when the doors open and swimmers are admitted.   You will sit at a table in the lobby and check-in all volunteers for the meet. You will be provided with a sheet of volunteer names.  After check-in is complete, you may be asked to fill in other spots for the remainder of the session.

RAFFLE BASKET TABLE – You will arrive prior to when swimmers are admitted.   You will sit at a table in the lobby and sell raffle tickets for the gift baskets.   Two volunteers are needed and stay the entire session. They can take turns going into the  stands to watch their swimmer.

SET-UP COMMITTEE – The night prior to the meet you will assist in meet set-up and will be given assignments by the board/meet director.   This might include table/chair set-up, hanging banners, etc.

CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE – You will work for about an hour after the meet finishes helping take down posters, putting chairs/tables away, and anything else per the meet director/board.

BULLPEN – During the meet, you will assure that the younger swimmers (typically 8 and under) are in the correct row/chair that corresponds to their heat/lane for the upcoming events. It is recommended that if you have a swimmer that is 8 and under, you DO NOT choose this volunteer job  

HOSPITALITY – You are responsible for the organization/cleanliness of the coaches/officials hospitality area.   You will need to set up/clean up meals, drinks, utensils as needed and walk-the-deck to provide water and snacks to the timers/on-deck officials.  

HOSPITALITY DRIVER – During your scheduled time, you will drive and pick up food/drinks/ice from various local establishments that provided the food/drink/ice for the meet.

HEAT SHEET DISTRIBUTION/RESULTS POSTING – After the session is seeded and the session heat sheet is printed, you will print copies of the heat sheets and provide them to all coaches and officials on-deck.  After the meet starts, you will post the results. As events are finalized, you will receive printed results at the scorers table that you will post in three designated areas for coaches, athletes, and spectators to view.

HEAT PRIZE RUNNER  - You will monitor each race to determine who wins - touches first - regardless of any disqualifications.  You will give the winner a ticket and they will take it to the heat prize table to trade in for a prize.

HEAT PRIZE TABLE – You will sit at a table and make sure the heat winner (based on results from the heat prize runner) chooses one and only one heat prize.