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Types of Meets

North Aquatics Club Sharks


Our club participates in 2 types of meets. The first type is the Dual Meet. These are swum against one other team in our conference. Typically, we swim 5 to 7 of these per season, half of them home and half away. The schedule will be posted and swimmers need to follow the sign up procedure listed below to attend a dual meet.  A coach will make the lineup. These meets do not have any additional entry fees to the swimmer.

The second type of meet is the USS (United States Swimming)/ ISI (Illinois Swimming). These meets are offered on weekends and have additional entry fees to the swimmer. Each individual may choose the events they wish to swim. Individuals may attend all or any part of the sessions on which ever days the swimmer would like to swim. Refer to the meet packet in the “USA Meets” link on our website for events, location, times and fees for the meets we are attending.


Swimmers of the meet (dual meets only) are one girl and boy from each age group that had a strong meet. They may have cut time, accomplished a goal, mastered a stroke or other.



8 & Under




USS Meet Entry Policies

Please read the following information carefully.

The meet schedule is contingent upon our being accepted by the host team.

To increase our chances of being accepted, NAC entries are emailed to the host team as soon as they accept them.

Entries are due by the deadline listed. Meet packets are posted for information regarding fees, events, locations and times. You will need to click on the meet packet link for the meet(s) which you are interested in and scroll down to the event list. Choose your events and then enter them by following the link "sign up for this event".  A list of the  elgible events will be listed along with current best time for that event.   Also, please note in note section whether or not the swimmer is interested in swimming relays. Relays will be entered at the coach’s discretion and if enough swimmers are interested. Please be advised that some meets require participating teams to provide timers. If required, a team timer schedule will be made; if you have a swimmer entered in the meet, you will be required to time.


Dual Meets:

Follow the "attend this event" and either commit or don't commit.  Coaches select events for swimmers.

USS Meets:

Follow the "attend this event" and check the events the swimmer wishes to swim. Be aware of the day and session.  You do not want to swim only 1 event on a day and you don't want to swim multiple sessions on a day.



Spectator stands are usually hot: Spectators dress accordingly! Some venues have room for bag chairs if you find them more comfortable.

Swimmers are usually wet and cold: Bring extra dry towels, sweats or other warm clothing. It is a good idea to have an extra suit, goggles and cap in case of emergency and some kind of footwear for decks and hallways.


Dual Meets:

Upon entering the pool area, sign in on the attendance sheet and then get your number. There will be someone to assist you in this. Take a seat until your group is called for warm ups. During the meet, be behind the starting blocks 3 to 5 races before yours. There will be some adults to help young or inexperienced swimmers with lining up. Swim fast and see a coach immediately after your race.

USS Meets:

1. Upon entering the building, you will need to positively check in. Somewhere close to the entry will be sheets of paper with your name on it and the event #s you are swimming. You will need to highlight your name and all of the “x”s behind your name. Failing to do this will scratch you from your events. Positive check in usually closes 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet.

2. Upon entering the deck area, look for one of our coaches who will direct you where to sit and begin warm ups. Bring drinks and snacks.

3. After positive check in closes, the meet host will seed all of the swimmers and put them in heats and lanes. It is a good idea for the swimmer to write their event number, heat and lane on their hands, as to not miss an event.

4. Swimmers need to be behind the starting blocks 3 to 5 heats before their race. There may be a bullpen for younger swimmers. The coaches will assist with lining up as needed.

5. Swim fast – see a coach after your race.


USS meets are usually a lot of fun. There are more swimmers to compete against in each age group and since they are seeded according to time, the races are usually pretty good.

More swimmers means getting to know swimmers from other teams. A lot of swimmers know and have friends from all over the state from meeting at these meets.

Having more swimmers means longer meets. The average session runs from 2 to 4 hours. (on some occasions longer). We try to select meets that stay in this time frame.

Try not to select just the 1st and last event or just the last event. You will have a lot of down time waiting for just that last event. The swimmer is there, he/she may as well swim.

The costs can add up: There are fees for each event entered (see the meet packet), usually an admission fee for spectators, a fee for a psyche sheet if you choose to purchase one, and parking fees if the meet is in Chicago.

More information regarding swim meets is in the Handbook.  Follow the link at the top of the website.
If you have more questions, contact Coach Maureen.