How to Sign Up for Meets

We are here to help you with any questions or concerns you might have along the way.  Please email coaches at or call 847.892.7179.  

How to Sign Up for Meets

- Log in to team unify (Please email Coach Amanda if you are having trouble logging in.)

- Click on Meets/Events Sign Up tab

- Click on attend or decline 

- Click on your swimmer's name at the bottom left and save whether your swimmer would like to attend the meet or not.

- It is preferred that coaches choose the swimmer's events since they will follow the individualized plan for that swimmer, however requests can be written in the notes section when you attend or decline.

- Please be sure to read the meet packet thoroughly so you are aware of all information regarding the meet.

How to Check Meet Results

- Download Meet Mobile App

- Download USA Swimming Deck Pass App

- Download On Deck App and log in with your team unify email and password

- Once results are sent to us from the hosting team of the meet, they will be posted in the meet schedule and results section of our website.