Developmental Team


Developmental Group Policies


Withdrawing from classes: There is a 30 day mandatory withdrawal period. There are no exceptions to this rule and you are responsible for communicating to your coach when you would like to withdraw. You are able to set your own withdrawal date in your Parent Portal account. Simply login to your account, click on the Edit button for the lesson you’d like to withdraw from and hit the Withdraw from Lesson button. Select the date you’d like to withdraw by and fill in the other necessary boxes and click Withdraw at the bottom. You’re all set!


Make-up lessons: You receive one (1) make up lesson per class per month. For example, if you are scheduled for 1 lesson each week, you will receive 1 make-up for the month. If you are scheduled for 2 lessons each week, you will receive up to two make-ups for the month. You can only schedule a make-up 7 days in advance. You can schedule as many make-up lessons as you’d like in a month. Make-up lessons and missed lessons have no cash value. Make-ups can only be scheduled after your child has missed a practice. We cannot schedule them prior to your child having missed any lessons. Make-ups stay on your account for up to 3 months after the initial missed practice. All make-ups are scheduled through the parent portal.


Refund policy: We do not give refunds under any circumstances. You may receive an account credit under certain circumstances after approval from the Head Coach. 


Accepted payment/billing: We only accept credit card payments through our Parent Portal and Swim Team accounts. We do not accept cash or checks. Lessons are billed on the first of every month.


Registration: You have to be registered on both Big Blue Swim School’s Parent Portal and Big Blue Aquatics’ Team Unify accounts. These are two separate accounts on two different websites. A coach will help you get your swim team account set up and walk you through finishing your account. It is required to have a credit card on file for both accounts.


Frequently Asked Questions    


When does Developmental team practice?

Practices are Monday- Thursday 3pm-7pm, running every 50 minutes. On Friday practice is 3pm-6pm, every 50 minutes, and Saturday 8-8:50am and 9-9:50am. You are registering for a day and time and are in the lesson perpetually.



Are there swimming seasons in Developmental team?

No, unlike the other groups Developmental team doesn’t have set seasons and goes year-round. If you would like to take a break from practices, we require 30 days notice for withdrawing.



Does Developmental team have to register for the upcoming season, and will our times change? 

No. All billing continues to go through the Parent Portal at Your chosen day(s) and time slot are set throughout the year.



Is the Developmental team part of the swim team at Big Blue Aquatics?

Absolutely! Developmental team is a complete part of the swim team with the luxury of continuing all of the skills learned at Big Blue Swim School as they begin their transition to competitive swimming!



Are Developmental team swimmers required to do swim meets and should we sign up?

While Developmental team swimmers are not required to sign up for swim meets, we recommend signing up for them! At swim meets, swimmers are organized into races by age groups, and separated based on times. It is a great way to get used to swimming! All swimmers that our part of our developmental group are ready for swim meets! You can find more information about the meets being offered on our Meets/Events Sign Up page on the website. Intersquad swim meets are just for our swim team and every Developmental swimmer should sign up to attend. Swimmers race their teammates and learn how a swim meet runs. The coaches pick events best suited to each swimmer’s skill level so you don’t need to worry about choosing what they should swim. Snacks are usually provided afterward. This is a great environment for swimmers to experience their first meet and bond with their teammates. 



Are Parents allowed to be on the pool deck?

For safety and in accordance with USA Swimming, no parents are allowed to be on the pool deck, while swimmers are practicing. Parents are also not permitted in the locker rooms in accordance with Safe Sport.



Do Developmental swimmers have to register on

Yes, all swimmers regardless of group are required to register on our Team Unify page located at Information about swimmers age, as well as account information needs to be checked for accuracy. All of our emails regarding our team will be sent out through this account so it’s important that you complete the account by verifying your email address. Part of completing your account is having a credit card on file. This account does not charge for Developmental lessons. It is only charged if you attend team events/meets or if you purchase gear/equipment. 



Can my swimmer wear a swim shirt?

While swimmers can wear a swim shirt, it is not recommended unless the swimmer gets cold very easily. Swim shirts can create a lot of drag on a swimmer and make them tired more quickly. Often times they are too big and get in the way of proper technique. 



What proper swimming attire does my swimmer need?

Girls should be wearing a fitted one piece suit with thick straps. Straps that tie or clasp to the back of the suit are NOT recommended. Boys should be wearing a jammer (fitted swim suit that goes to the knee). Swim trunks are NOT recommended. Swimmers should have two pairs of goggles (a back up pair in case one gets lost or breaks). Goggles with two straps are recommended. Scuba goggles are NOT permitted.



How long does it take for swimmers to move up to the Bronze level from Developmental?

Each swimmer is different and therefore will take a different amount of time to be ready to move into the next level of the swim team. Typically, swimmers will spend one to two seasons in the Developmental group (6-12 months). Younger swimmers (ages 5-7) may take a couple of years to move out of the Developmental group. The more your swimmers comes to lessons the better. Developing proper technique for all four strokes takes time and parents should expect their swimmer to be in the group until coaches feel they are ready for the transition to the next level. 


If you have questions and need to contact a coach:


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