Volunteer Info


Fee: $150.00 per family per season.

**Completely refundable, if both of the following are completed**

Volunteer Commitment:

Each family is required to fulfill a specified amount of volunteer jobs every season. This number is determined by how many dual meets we host and the number of active families are enrolled.  

We host dual meets, which are run by parent volunteers.  Volunteers are needed to time at the meets, help organize the swimmers, concessions, clean-up and locker room monitoring. Volunteer job descriptions for home meets are listed below.  

There are additional volunteer opportunities assisting in fundraisers, various parties, and timing at ISI meets.

Volunteer job sign up will be available on the events tab on the website.

Volunteer jobs requiring additional training are the computer/scoring table volunteers at home meets and USA Swimming Officials.  Please contact a board member if you are interested.

Fundraising Commitment: 

Each season POSA conducts a fundraiser in an effort to keep club fees low.  All families have a responsibility to participate and are encouraged to exceed the minimum sales volume.


Volunteer Job Descriptions:

Lane Writer: Works on the deck on one of the six swim lanes during the meet. Must check in at least 30 minutes prior to start of the meet.  The referee holds a timer/writer meeting immediately preceding the meet to give instruction. The writers primary responsibilities include writing the swimmers number down, and watch time from the timer on their lane. The writer also will press the lane button at the end of each race.  The event sheets will be collected by the lane runner after each event.

Lane Timer: Works on deck on one of the six lanes during the meet.  Must check inat least 30 min prior to start of the meet.  The referee holds a timer/writer meeting immediately preceding the meet to give instruction. The timer starts the stopwatch at flash/beep that occurs at the beginning of each race. The timer stops the watch when the swimmer has touched the wall of the pool with any body part at the end of the race. For relays, the watch is stopped after the last swimmer touches. The timer gives the watch time to the writer to write down on the event sheet.  

Click link for intructions:  Lane Timer and Writer Instructions 

Lane Runner: Collects the event sheets after each event, and passes them to Head lane runner.   

Alternates: May be required to fulfill any of the above responsibilities if the meet is short volunteers, either on deck or in the concession.  Most of the time alternates are used in some capacity, so please expect to work.

Concessions: Works with the concession leader to set-up, sell, and clean up concessions, depending on shift.

Split the Pot: Sells tickets for split the pot raffle in the bleachers and on deck during the meet.  

Hall Monitor: Stops all running in hallways and directs people to appropriate activities. 

Bull-Pen Monitor: Monitors swimmers in bleachers. Male volunteer monitors boys locker room and female volunteer monitors girls locker room.