Seasonal fundraising by each family is necessary, as Palatine Swim team is 100% funded by the fees collected at the beginning of each season, at registration.  The money each swimmer raises helps meet budgetary expenses, such as coaches’ salaries and professional development, pool and facility rental, local, regional and national meet expenses for the coaching staff, awards, equipment, team builders for the swimmers, and other expenses. There will be at least one mandatory fundraiser each season. An annual swim-a-thon is an example of a mandatory fundraiser. Families will be required to raise at least $50 to $100 a season to sustain the needs of the team. Other optional fundraising activities held include car washes, selling candy, scrip gift cards, bake sales etc. In addition, the Palatine Swim Team hosts two to four swim meets yearly (including the Summer & Winter Splash meets) in which a swimmer or family may procure ads posted in the heat sheets sold to attending families. 



The PPD Scrip program allows you to use the earnbacks from your purchases towards your swimmer's fees next season!

Orders will be placed bi-weekly, due by noon on Fridays.


If you pay by check, please have your check at delivery made out to "Palatine Swim Team". We encourage the use of PrestoPay. With PrestoPay, the money comes out of your account when you order. For more information on PrestoPay, click on the link below.


What is ShopWithScrip?  

The basic concept behind scrip:  

  • Retailers sell gift cards/gift certificates at a discount

  • Families buy the certificates at full face value and redeem them for full face value

  • The difference is applied to your team fees the next season

When you use scrip gift cards at your favorite retailers, you’re fundraising while you shop! There

are over 300 of the country’s biggest brands, including grocery, department stores, gas stations,

restaurants, hotels, home improvement, and more. Just by using scrip to pay for your normal

weekly purchase, you can easily raise $500 or more a year! It’s time to put your shopping dollars to work!

Create an account and Login Process:
  • Go to and click on “Register” then “Join a Scrip Program”

    Enter PPD’S organizational code  4219C5C855592

  • Create a Family Account

Online Family Features. Learn more about the unique features available to our organization including:

  • PrestoPay is our online payment system.  ($0.15 charge to each order placed)

    Digitally delivered products like ScripNowReload, and ReloadNow.

  • Questions? Reach out to . Please see attachments for more information!




Buffalo Wing Wings All-Season Fundraiser