Senior 2

Welcome to the Senior 2 Group Page!

Contact:   Tony Gallagher – If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Group Parents: Susan Savage

Group Guidelines & Goal Sheet:

Senior 2 Requirements & Expectations

Senior Seasonal Goal Sheet

Senior Girls Goal Sheet

Travel Trip Guidelines



Fishers Itinerary 

Room Assignments

Travel Code of Conduct

Travel Trip Guidelines

ARTICLES: Below are links to interesting articles and helpful resources for high school student-athletes


10 Ways to Recover After Practice: 

This is a great article about some of the best ways to recover from a tough practice and get your muscles ready for the next practice.  Taking a few small steps from this list will help remove lactic acid from your muscles and relieve soreness.


Tips to Get the Most out of your Practices:

This article makes a few helpful points about practicing with a purpose.  By being prepared and focused during practice, you will get the most out of each workout and come closer and closer to reaching your goals.


Dealing with a Poor Performance:

With several meets coming up in the near future, the competition season will quickly be upon us!  In a typical meet, you may swim anywhere from 4 to 10 events.  Don't let a poor performance or adding time in one event ruin the rest of your meet.  This article helps you gain from a poor performance and improve from your mistakes.  Remember to stay positive!



NCAA Rule Changes