Senior 2

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Contact:   Tony Gallagher – If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Group Parents: Susan Savage

Group Guidelines & Goal Sheet:

Senior 2 Requirements & Expectations

Senior Seasonal Goal Sheet

Senior Girls Goal Sheet

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Travel Code of Conduct

Travel Trip Guidelines

ARTICLES: Below are links to interesting articles and helpful resources for high school student-athletes

10 Ways to Recover After Practice: 

This is a great article about some of the best ways to recover from a tough practice and get your muscles ready for the next practice.  Taking a few small steps from this list will help remove lactic acid from your muscles and relieve soreness.

Tips to Get the Most out of your Practices:

This article makes a few helpful points about practicing with a purpose.  By being prepared and focused during practice, you will get the most out of each workout and come closer and closer to reaching your goals.

Benefits of Including Yoga in your Training:

Looking for some dryland exercises to improve your performance in the water?  Check out this article about the benefits that swimmers can experience from including yoga in their training regiment.  Among other reasons, it improves your flexibility and strength, both of which can benefit your swimming in practices and at meets.

Dealing with a Poor Performance:

With several meets coming up in the near future, the competition season will quickly be upon us!  In a typical meet, you may swim anywhere from 4 to 10 events.  Don't let a poor performance or adding time in one event ruin the rest of your meet.  This article helps you gain from a poor performance and improve from your mistakes.  Remember to stay positive!