Dolphin Partners
Meets & Entries

The Quincy Family YMCA Dolphins (QFY) team competes in three types of meets.  We offer competition opportunities for both beginners and National-level swimmers.

During the short-course season (September-March), we will compete in YMCA and USA Swimming Meets.  During long-course season (April-August), we will compete in USA Swimming Meets and the local River Country League.

Closed YMCA meets:  When we compete against other YMCA teams only, it is considered a closed YMCA competition. All swimmers competing are members of the YMCA they are representing.  The age of the swimmer is their age as of December 1 in that season.

USA Swimming Meets:  Teams with USA-Swimming charters compete in meets sanctioned by USA Swimming.  Those teams may or may not also be YMCA teams.  The age of the swimmer is their actual age on the first day of any given meet. 

River Country meets:  Teams in our local area organize meets during June and July.  These meets will not be sanctioned by USA Swimming and may or may not include other YMCAs.  We will host meets at home and usually travel no more than 30 minutes from Quincy to compete.  The age of the swimmer is their age as of May 25 of the season.

How do I choose my swimmer's events?  The head swim coach will choose the events for your swimmer.  We want to give your swimmer the best opportunity for success and to challenge your swimmer.  They may not swim their 'favorite' race during every meet.  We take a holistic approach to the season and to the swimmer's development when making our event selections.