Dolphin Partners
Why Swim?

Why should your child participate in swim team?

  • Swimming is fun!
  • Swimming is a healthy "lifetime" activity. Participants may be 1 or 101 years old. 

  • Swimming motivates participants to strive for self-improvement and teaches goal orientation.  
  • Swimming teaches the life lessons of sport and sportsmanship which include learning to deal with winning and losing, as well as working with officials, teammates and coaches. 

  • Swimming is relatively injury free in comparison to other youth sports.
  • Swimming promotes fitness and teaches a child to strive for physical achievement. Many super-stars in other sports started out as swimmers and gained strength and coordination that helped them to excel. 

  • Swimming cultivates a positive mental attitude and high self-esteem
  • Swimming is an exciting individual and team sport. 

  • Swimming is a technical and specialized activity involving extensive skill development.