Nutrition Information

Nutrition is a critical element in a swimmer's performance during practices and competition. What a swimmer eats, when and how much, on a daily basis and before competition, plays a key role in a swimmer's staying power during practices and during a competition.

Eating the right amount of the right foods will ensure that a swimmer will have enough stored energy for rigorous practices and during competition. Proper hydration during practice and competition ensures that water lost through sweat is replenished.

Energy is simply calories that food provides. Optimal nutrition for a swimmer means that the amount of calories from food they eat should match the amount of calories they burn during their rest periods, during training, and during a competition.

The following sections provide information about what swimmers should eat, how much they should eat, and when they should eat. Proper nutrition will help swimmers achieve and maintain peak peformance during practice sessions, but more importantly, during a competition.

Dietary Guidelines for Swimmers

Staying Hydrated

Fueling for Practices and  Meets

Healthy Meals for Swimmers

Dietary Supplements

USA Swimming Nutrition Tracker

USDA Nutrition Website