Become an Official

1. Find a clinic to attend—all clinic information is posted at the ISI website on the official’s page—the link is HERE.  Clinic attendance costs $35 which is used to offset the host team’s expenses and provide rule books and certain materials to the attendees.

2. Send in the Non-Athlete Registration form and fee to Illinois Swimming: the paper form and mailing address are linked HERE.  The Non-Athlete fee covers your insurance and creates your online account with USA Swimming.  A small portion of all athlete and non-athlete fees go to the programming and operations of Illinois Swimming.  You can register online HERE.

3. Complete a background check through USA Swimming—the link is HERE.  All  coaches and officials with direct access to athletes are required to have this done.  Remember when doing it you are signing on as an official and we do Level 2 background checks.  The cost for an initial check is $36.50.  Renewal (every two years) is less.

4. Complete the Athlete Protection Training webinar through USA Swimming.  This is mandatory for all coaches and officials.  The link is HERE.

5. Attend your clinic - remember to print or download the class materials from the Officials webpage HERE.

6. Take training cards to your on deck training to be filled out. 

7. Take the online test for your position - Stoke and Turn or Admin Official - find the tests HERE.

8. Once the training and tests are complete fill out the form and send all of the materials to

9. You will receive an email response when your certification is complete in the system and your card will be ready to print!

10. Some clubs reimburse your expenses, but Illinois Swimming does not.  Please check with your club to find out.

Required Links:

Questions about becoming an official? Contact  Please allow several days for a response, since this mailbox is staffed by volunteers.  Thank you.