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Swim Meets

By its very name, the purpose of competitive swimming is to compete and that means attending swim meets! The members of Barracudas Swim Team should understand that we are a competitive team, not a recreational team. Swimmers should be willing to accept the responsibility of membership and participate in meets. For many new swimmers, taking the first step and going to their first competitive meet is a big undertaking. Our coaches understand this and are happy to share information about each meet and what meets may be good for beginners. Swim meets are a fantastic way for swimmers to track progress and accomplish goals. All swimmers should participate in at least three (3) conference dual meets per season and attend our conference championship meet. Please note that swim meet sign-ups for all seasons are solely on our website. No verbal sign-ups are accepted.


         We belong to the Central Illinois Swim Conference. Once you have paid the Team Fee no additional fees will be collected to participate in conference meets. Meets are held on Saturdays or Sundays during Fall and Winter season.  Summer meets are held on Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings. Swimmers are divided in to age groups and genders for meets.  However, swimmers may be required to “swim up” an age group.  This is necessary in order to accommodate our large team.Swimmers do not choose their events; the coaching staff is responsible for choosing events. Directions to all swim meets are located on our website. 

Conference Championships

Winter Season                                 Summer Season

Second Saturday in March                  1st Saturday in August


             Conference bi-laws require that all swimmers must participate in three dual meets to qualify for championship meets.The head coaching staff will create the championship line-up for our team using the two best times for each event per each age group. Unfortunately, this means that not all of our swimmers will participate in the meet. We do our very best to include as many of our swimmers as possible.

            Keep in mind when signing up for conference dual meets that the more meets your swimmer attends the more chances they have to earn best times for their age group.


Parents, please remember this is a 'swim team' and to compete with your team at meets is part of the 'Team' experience. Once you have signed up for a meet , your swimmer is committed to participate in that meet. We realize that emergencies and sickness do occur so if you need to drop out of a meet at the last moment, please contact the coaches via Barracuda email. Coaches constantly monitor email before the meet and will be aware of your situation. It’s not fair to the rest of the team to simply not show up as line-ups have to be juggled at the last moment. If you miss a meet and do not notify coaches, your child will swim one less event at the next conference dual meet.