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Barracudas Swim Team

Schaumburg Barracudas Swim Team


The mission of the Schaumburg Barracudas Swim Team is to build a positive community among swimmers, coaches, swim families and the Schaumburg Park District. The Team is a support organization for swimmers, coaches and the Park District. Part of our role is to encourage volunteerism among swim parents, fundraising, develop team policy and educate new and existing families. We do not run the team, we are facilitators. The Team is run by a volunteer Board of Directors.


What do we pay and what is it for?


Every family pays 2 fees each season to participate on the swim TEAM.

Schaumburg Park District Fees


Schaumburg Barracudas Swim Team Fees


Pay each season:

  • Set season fee depending

on your swimmer’s group

  • Pay to Front Desk in CRC or bring a payment- cash or check payable to Schaumburg Park District





Pay each season:

  • Pay each season $40
  • Bring payment- cash or check payable to Schaumburg Barracudas






This fee pays for: These fees pay for:

Center costs such as:

  • Pool rental
  • Coaches salaries and coaches’ fees for dual meets



This fee pays for: These fees pay for:

  • Coaches’ fees for ISI meets
  • Conference dues
  • Website
  • Coaches uniforms
  • Social activities – parties
  • Trips
  •  Training equipment

Booster Expenses are also

supported by:

 Hosted swim meets income and fundraisers