You can click here to view a sample flyer for the Running Center and the equipment we will be offering. The Running Center Should have samples for you to look at and will doing a fitting for team suits and warm ups.

Team Suits

We recommend that everyone has a team suit. The team suits meet USA Swimming guidelines for competition (Men suits can not be above the navel or below the knee. Women suits can not cover the neck, extend past the shoulder, or below the knee). The team suits are an very durable material that will last a long time. Swimmers are encouraged to wear a team suit at competitions. Swimmers do not need to wear their team suit to practice. Team suits and caps help to make each swimmer identifiable on a crowded pool deck at a meet to coaches and parents.

Swimmers may desire to wear a "racing" suit or tech suit, but should do so when prompted by a coach or during their final competition. Racing/Tech suits are very expensive, have a significantly shorter life than the team suit, and using a racing/tech suit for every race negates the mental benefit of putting one on at your final competition.


On the link above you will see the options for equipment that is offered through the Running Center. We have made some recommendations for what type of equipment each group should have or will use. We do have some kick boards and fins available during practices, however we encourage swimmers to have their own equipment if possible. We can not guarantee we will have the correct size Fins for all swimmers at practice. If you needed to choose between purchasing Fins or a Kick Board, purchase Fins as we have a large supply of Kick Boards on hand. All Age Group and Developmental swimmers should expect to use fins and kick boards on a daily basis. Advanced Age Group and Senior swimmers should expect use of snorkels, pull buoys, fins, and kick boards throughout a week of practice while it may not be daily.

Fins - Help to develop leg strength in swimmers and help with body position and movement through the water for younger swimmers.

Paddles - Able to isolate the arms and develop 'feel' for the water and power.

Snorkels - Snorkels will be used to continue to develop proper body position while kicking and swimming

Team Fittings

The Springfield Running Center will be at the YMCA for a team fitting on Friday September 16th. If you can not attend the team fitting you may go to the Springfield Running Center and they will help you with ordering equipment, but I would have the equipment sheet to help the process. Team Suits need to be ordered by Friday September 23rd in order for them to be available by our October 8th & 9th Invite. If you have questions about specific equipment needs for your child's group you can check out the flyer above or ask a coach.