Spectator Policy

Spectator Policy

SPY is one of the largest swim teams in Central Illinois. We are fortunate to have a great facility which affords us the pool space to have so many athletes and provide athletes the best opportunity to succeed. SPY does have a No Spectators Policy during swim practice times. This policy is in place for the benefit of the athletes in order to minimize distractions and maximize attention on the coaches during practice times. Swimmers who are not distracted and have their focus on learning will be the most successful and make the most of their practice time. We want you and your athletes to feel safe and comfortable with the practice environment. All SPY coaches are USA Swimming Certified and all employees of the YMCA are required to be certified in First Aid, CPR, and Oxygen administration. Additionally, lifeguards are also on staff during all hours of the day at the YMCA.

  • The first week of each season will be open practices for spectators to be on deck in the stands during practice.

  • Each month following there will be one week where there will be open practices throughout the week. The open practices will take place over three days of the week in order to allow the opportunity to view practice from the stands. Those specific dates will be announced on the website and through an email.

  • Seating is provided in the hallway for those waiting during practice times.

  • If there are any medical or behavioral issues that concern you with your child, please contact Alex Totura.

  • If you have any additional concerns you should contact Alex Totura.