Goal Setting

Goal Setting For Age Group Swimmers

As swimmers progress through the program goal setting for the end of season become an increased focused as both part of physical and mental preparation. We do this as part of the practice groups for the Advanced Age Group and Senior Groups, however with less practice time it is not practical to use practice time for Age Group swimmers when time is better spent in the pool. We have created a form that swimmers can fill out online that can be shared with coaches, so that coaches can use swimmers goals as part of the motivation for swimmers in practice. If you swimmer would like to share goals they have already made they can fill out the form for their specific age group (10 and under, or 11 and over). If your swimmer has never made goals, but would like to do so, they can follow the steps below to help them with making goals for themselves. Swimmers should set goals based on their age for end of season meets (late February and Early March)

Goal Setting Tips

  1. Use your best times as a starting point for developing goals.
    • The first thing you should do is to print out/look at your best times. This will serve as a starting point of where you are, and where you want to go. If you don't look at your best times, you will have a hard time with step #2
    • Our goal is to develop well rounded swimmers who compete in every event. Swimmers should have goals for every strokes as all strokes are connected and to see improvement in 1 stroke, you should be improving in all stroke. 
    • Do not feel obligated to fill out goals for 200s of stroke (11 and older) if you have not competed it or don't plan on competing that event soon. Those will be greater focuses for 13/14 year olds, however it is good to try newer events and to branch out before you age up. 
  2. Be realistic.
    • Your goals should be challenging, but realistic. Looking to cut your time in half, or going for times that are 2 age groups above your age are going to be difficult to achieve.
    • Setting a goal to drop 10 seconds in a 50 freestyle, but only 5 seconds in a 100 freestyle does not make sense. There is more room for improvement in longer events than short events
    • We will use your goal times in practice to create practice goals. If you have an unrealistic meet goal, it will lead to unrealistic practice goals which can be discouraging.
  3. Look at time standards for meets to help determine your goals if you are having a hard time. 
    • There are not time standards for the District Championship this season, however State times or faster are not a realistic goal for 100% of the team. Look at the Motivational Time Standards provided for a good starting point. These times are measure by letter starting at B, then BB, A, AA and so on. If you already have a B time, set your sights for BB or faster. If you do not have a B time, then that is a good place to start with your goal setting. 
    • We also have YMCA State, and IL Age Groups times available for setting your goals. Most Y State times will be between BB and A. Most Age Group times are between AA and AAA times, depending on the age of the swimmer.
  4. Leave a note for the coaches
    • If you have a goal for an event that is not listed on the form, leave a not for the coach at the bottom of the form to share it. 

10 And Under Goal Setting

11 and Over Goal Setting

Time Standards

Motivational Time Standards

YMCA State Time Standards

IL Age Group Time Standards