Coach Kelly

Meet Coach Kelly!!





My name is Kelly Burns, I am an assistant swim coach at Sage YMCA. I've been swimming for 20 years! I swam competitively for 8 years and then moved on to teaching and coaching. I was also a lifeguard for seven years! I ran my own LTS program and worked closely with both collegiate and youth swim teams and coaches for two years and am excited to start my second season with Piranhas! 


I'm currently finishing student teaching for my Master's Degree in education, so I'm around kids most of the day and am constantly laughing at the comments they make. I want to make sure every kid has a positive experience in school and on the team!


Outside of swimming, I love to bake, write, kayak, and spend time with my dog. And, because this is a bio, I feel like I should include my go to "interesting fact," so here you go: I'm one of the lifeguards featured in the current Red Cross training videos!


I'm looking forward to meeting all the swimmers and their parents and can't wait to make this season one to remember!