Training Groups

*All swimmers are required to be Sage members, this is a Y of the USA Swimming rule.* 

Piranhas’ Bridge is composed of swimmers ages 6-12 years of age. The Bridge curriculum is designed to give swimmers the skills they need to be successful on a swim team following group lessons. We work on developing swim team skills, vocabulary, and endurance. Bridge participants practice 2 days a week for 45 minutes, 5-5:45pm, M/W or Tu/Th. Swimmers may participate in meets and are active members of the Sage Team! This group is on an 8 week session, rather than a monthly draft.

Age Group is composed of swimmers aged 6 - 12 years of age.  Swimmers who can legally perform all four (4) strokes: Freestyle, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Backstroke. They are building endurance and lasting competitive swim habits. Swimmers have the option of swimming 2, 3, or 5 times a week 5:00pm-6:15pm.

Intermediate Group is for competitive swimmers ages 11 - 18. You must be proficient in swimming all four (4) strokes: Freestyle, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Backstroke.  These swimmers have the motivation to decrease times and work hard.  This group is of a competitive nature. Swimmers should be comfortable maintaining a pace of 100yd Freestyle @ 1:40. Intermediate group will practice from 6:30-8:15pm Monday through Friday.

Senior Group is for swimmers ages 14-21 who are dedicated to the sport and competitive swim training. Practice attendance is tracked, and swimmers are expected to maintain 80% attendance. Depending on our training cycle practices will be twice a day, in and out of the pool. Regular practice is M-F, 6:30-8:30pm. Swimmers must be able to maintain a pace of 100yd Freestyle @ 1:20 to be accepted into the Senior Group, with no exception

High School Group - These swimmers are participants in the Intermediate or Senior Group. Pricing and draft dates are adjusted to reflect the months swimmers will spend swimming with their High School team.