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Tiny Team (Ages 5-8)

Workouts are held twice a week for one hour (Tu/Th 5:00-6:00pm @ West Cook YMCA)

Requirements: swim 25 yards continuously, ability to jump in the water

Tiny Team is designed to teach the YMCA’s core values: caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility to developmental swimmers. They will participate in competitive situations to develop their swimming skills. Goals for Tiny Team are to learn the following: front start from the pool side then starting blocks, how to push-off and streamline to flags with dolphin kick, all while learning practice etiquette.


Red (Ages 5-8)

Workouts are held three times a week for 45 minutes (M/W/F 5:30-6:15pm @ Pav YMCA)

Requirements: Swim 25 yards freestyle, swim 25 yards backstroke, legal breaststroke kick, able to dive in the water

In Red, the focus becomes more stroke specific, honing each swimmers ability to compete with all four strokes. There is also an increase in interval swimming, getting swimmers ready for higher levels. The goals for Red swimmers are: swim a 100 IM legally, have consistent practice attendance, flip turns and racing!


Yellow (Ages 9-12)

Workouts are held three times a week for 45 minutes (M/W/F 6:45-7:30pm @ Pav YMCA)

Requirements: Swim 25 yards with an efficient kick, swim a 50 backstroke legally

Yellow swimmers focus on refining their skills for each stroke. The focus becomes legally swimming all four strokes. This will prepare them to compete and succeed in swim meets throughout the season. Goals for Yellow swimmers are: legally swim all four strokes, strive towards the requirements for Bronze.