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Seniors (HS Age)

Senior & Fitness (High School)

Workouts are held 6+ times a week, and will consist of pool and dry-land workouts (TBD @ OPRFRidgeland in June&July)

Requirements: Be high school aged, 10x100 free on 1:30, 400 IM under 6:00

The Seniors group is where more developed swimmers are able to push themselves to create the strength and speed needed to become an elite swimmer. Goals for Seniors include: qualifying for YMCA Nationals and USA Swimming State, increasing power through proper technique, and increasing distance per stroke.


National (Ages 13+)

Workouts are held 6-10 times a week and consist of pool and dry-land workouts. (TBD @ OPRFRidgeland in June&July)

Requirements: 80% attendance from previous season, 10x100 free on 1:20, Senior State or YMCA National cut.

The National group is the most elite group on TOPS. It takes dedication and perseverance to achieve the level required to be part of the National team which must be shown in and out of the water. There is more intense cardiovascular conditioning, aerobic training, race strategy, race pacing, and strategic time investments for long term goals of qualifying for YMCA Nationals and higher level  meets such as the Grand Prix Circuit, US Open, NCAA Championships, Olympic Trials. National Goals vary between individuals but many include: placing top 16 in YMCA Nationals or Senior State, qualifying for USA Jr. Nationals or the US Open, swimming in college, and being a leading member of the TOPS team.