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WDST Time & Talent

The Woodstock Dolphin Swim Team is a parent run USA Swimming Organization that has been around for over 50 years.  Although the team is based out of Woodstock, many swimmers come from neighboring communities including McHenry, Crystal Lake, Cary, Beloit, Huntley, etc. The success and longevity of the swim team can be attributed to all of the parents who have identified a great talent to offer, become involved and volunteered their time.

There are a variety of ways you can help ensure the future success and growth of this great organization:

  1. Volunteer to work a job at swim meets. When we host swim meets it is up to us to ensure that it runs smoothly. In order for this to happen we need all parents to volunteer.  This link - Volunteer Policy - describes our policy for volunteering.
  1. Become an Official: Officials are needed to ensure that swim meets run smoothly and fairly. USA Swimming provides training on becoming an official: Meet Referee Official, Administrative Official, Stroke and Turn Official and Starter Official.   Click on the "Becoming an Official" for more information!
  1. Participate on a committee.  There are several committees to help get the word out about the Woodstock Dolphin Swim Team as well as help to ensure its financial future success.
    1. Social Committee: One representative from each age group will work together to identify, plan and organize social activities for the swimmers and their families. Some ideas include bowling outings, ice cream outings, Chuck E Cheese outings, movie outings, Great America outings.
    2. Fundraising Committee: Committee members will plan and organize our big annual fundraising event; Firecracker. Additional fundraising opportunities will be identified and discussed and implemented if possible. Some include selling pizza’s, Panera Bread day, United Way Human Race Event, auction.
    3. Community Outreach: Committee members will work on getting the word out about the Woodstock Dolphin Swim Team including swimming lessons, stroke clinics, joining the team and what it is like to be a swimmer. This may include talking to PTO organizations within school districts, contacting the newspaper or radio to get our information out, and identifying additional areas to market our Organization.
    4. Sponsorship Committee: Committee members will work together to gain corporate sponsorships. This will assist in increasing our revenue so that we can purchase needed equipment, offer scholarships, organize social events, etc.
    5. Officials Committee: Committee members will be comprised of parents trained to be an official and parents interested in becoming a trained official. The committee will work on ensuring we have sufficient trained officials, recruiting new parents to be officials and providing education to parents on what officials do.
  1. Chair a committee: This individual would facilitate the committee meetings, including setting up convenient times/dates to meet, keeping the committee organized and on topic, relaying information to the Board of Directors on the work the committee has done and any recommendations made.
  1. Board of Directors (BOD): Every year at the end of the Long Course Season the BOD for the upcoming year are appointed. If you are interested in joining the BOD and being hands on with the development and success of the organization this is the position for you. Positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure, Equipment Manager, Parent Education, Volunteer Coordinator, Awards, Apparel, Meet Director, Marketing, and Registration.
  1. Other: If you have a talent that you would like to share that is not already included above please contact Jen Gooden to talk about opportunities to share your talent.

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