Meet Time Standards



All swimmers start out on the same motivational time level or plateau and they progress as they are able to up the "ladder" so to speak.  There are meets during and after the regular season for which swimmers can strive to achieve certain desired times.

Most meets during season have no time standards.  However, to attend the INDY travel meet you need to achieve the "BB" times posted, St. Charles meet you need AA times for some age groups, and Regioinal,  Age Group Champs and Sr. Champs have their own standards.


** 2020 Standards have not been released as of Aug. 2019.  We will update as soon as receive **


2019 Illinois Swimming WINTER Regional and State (Age Group)


2019 Illinois Swimming WINTER Sr. Champs State (age 14 and above)


2019 Illinois Swimming SUMMER Sr. Champs State (age 14 and above)


2018 Central Zone 14 and Under Times (2019 not posted yet)


2019 Speedo Sectional Times 


2017-2020 National Time Standards


2019 Indy BB Times