Update April 2021 Registration Update

Update April 2021

Due to covid restrictions there are still no rentals to outside groups (specifically at the high schools) and we are unable to offer any diving sessions.  Once we have additional information we will post here and email all past members.  


Hello Wheaton Redhawk Diving Club-

We have received many questions regarding the Fall/Winter Dive Season.  We understand everyone is dealing with many unknowns regarding family, jobs, upcoming school season, etc… so we hope the below provides some basic information of where Wheaton Swim Club is at during these challenging times.



  • Coaches remain in constant contact with Naperville Central High School regarding their opening plans.  As with all schools, their current focus is getting their school running so scheduling any practices with them is very much a work in progress. 


Phase 4/5 Guidelines - Return to Pool 

  • Once space confirmed, we will continue to abide by IDPH Guidelines for fall and winter which includes potential for group capacity restrictions.
  • Coaches and staff are thinking ahead and developing a program that can expand once we reach Phase 5.
  • It is important to understand Phase 5 entry is an unknown and, at any phase, there is a possibility we have to revert back.   



  • There is no registration at this time.
  • Once we have our facilities confirmed, we can use the current Phase guidelines to move forward with registration.  


Other Clubs 

  • All clubs are facing the same facility and capacity constraints.
  • Many facilities (specifically high school and college) across US not opening to clubs.


We want to reiterate that coaches are working hard to secure space and plan for season.  However, at this time based on the above details, we have very limited information to share regarding Fall/Winter.  All we can ask if that you be patient.

Feel free to reach out to Michele with additional questions/concerns but we ask for your understanding if the answer is "we do not know at this time".