Facility/Team Update as of Jan 23

Update as of Jan 23, 2021

We hope you and your families had a safe and happy holiday. In anticipation of positive news from our Governor we are preparing to have the team up and running immediately upon change in the Illinois Tier system. It is hard to believe it is almost 10 months to the day that our love of swimming was turned on its head.

We have daily communication with the aquatic director at the FMC aquatic center. We have confirmation they will be ready to resume programing the day after any positive Tier change. We will be returning to our schedule we had prior to the lockdown in November. It is our plan to use the FMC facility until our home facilities re-open for rentals. We are looking at continuing rental time at FMC for some practice and for our home meets even after Wheaton College, COD and our outdoor pools are operational.

We have weekly conversations with the facility managers at Wheaton College, Cod, Huntington Estates Swim Club and the Wheaton Park District. It is their hope and ours that we will be back in all of these pools in the Spring. Of course this is assuming our states Covid numbers continue to go down and as vaccinations become available to the general public. We are hopeful we will see a gradual return to normalcy (full team, full staff, normal practice times and dates, use of home facilities and of course swim meets) during the Spring and Summer months. The Wheaton Swim Club will continue to do session by session registrations as we have in the Summer, Fall and Winter. It is our want to have a normal season registration in April and to have a “normal” Long Course season beginning in mid April and running through July. We do not anticipate taking a break at the end of the summer. Those swimmers who want to continue into the short course season will have that opportunity to do so immediately following the Summer Championship season.

Those of you who have credited accounts from the November Covid stoppage are registered and ready to go. We anticipate having open spaces available for this next session and plan to fill spots on a first come first serve basis. We will email everyone with the available spot information after the first day of practices.

Because this is a new year all swimmers will need to purchase an USA swimming membership before practicing with a team. We will bill your account and register all participants with USA swimming once a start date is announced. If you have any questions please reach out to us. During pre and post Covid times the team takes care of this for you but for the time being this is the best way to insure you are a USA swim member and certified with the organization to practice and compete.

In anticipation to re-start starting the coaches have asked that each swimmer own and bring his/her kick board to practice each day. This is the recommendation from USA swimming and is now considered mandatory for all competitive swimmers. If you have your own please bring it with you to practice on the first day. If you do not have one we are working with a local vendor to get kickboards at a cost of only $14. If you need one please fill out the form below and we will have a kickboard at the first practice for everyone who would like to purchase a board. Kickboard Order Form

Thank you to all of our members and their families for being loyal and so very patient with us as we attempt to navigate these challenging times. We are all in this together and we are honored to have you as members. We hope to see you on deck soon. We will be communicating via team email as news and announcements become available. Best Regards, Bob, Chris and all the Wheaton Swim Club coaches