Swim Groups

The Stingrays want to provide a quality swim team experience for all levels of swimmers, from first time kids to high school veterans of the sport. In order to do this, we will now have 2 levels within each training group. Please see below to determine which squad you should register your swimmer for and the coach will determine whether they are level 1 or 2. Each level will practice at the same time to generate team spirit, but different objectives will be worked on throughout practice.

After looking at this list if you have any questions please feel free to use the "contact us" button and Coach Justin will get back to you ASAP!

  Level 1 Level 2
Bronze ages 6-8, can swim 1 full length of freestyle and backstroke without stopping ages 7-9, can swim 100 freestyle and a 50 of any other stroke without stopping
Silver ages 7-9, can do flip turns, all 4 strokes are legal ages 8-10, can do 4 x 50 freestyle on 1:15
Gold ages 10+, can do 4 x 50 freestyle on 1:00, understands intervals, drills and equipment usage ages 10+, regularly attends meets and knows time standards
Senior ages 12+, can do 4 x 100 freestyle on 1:45 ages 12+, can do 4 x 100 freestyle on 1:30


NATIONAL LEVEL SWIMMERS are high school age swimmers that are competing at their local high schools, and /or competing at the USA swim level as a year round competitive swimmer.

  *The level which a swimmer is placed is based on the coaches observations at practice and can fall outside these general parameters.