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Are you getting enough food to meet your training needs? Click on the Nutrition Tracker below to create a log of your nutrition online. This is a vital part of your swimming performance that you need to be responsible for to get the most out of your body during practice and meets. For information on carbs, protein, and the correct amounts, click on the "Fueling for Performance" link.  If you want to o some more reading, check out USA Swimming’s website.

 Communicate with your coach....excerpt from an article printed on USA Swimming.

  • When you get to practice late or have to leave early

  • Not feeling well

  • Being afraid to ask

  • Not understanding their correction

  • When your feeling lazy or not motivated

  • When you just don’t feel good about your strokes

  • What your goals are

  • Be honest with your coaches, don’t tell them something just so they won’t get mad at you.


  • You decide if your going to work or talk a lot

  • You decide if your going to stay in that bad mood

  • Your going to remember the correction your coaches have already given you or not

  • Your the one that is going to stay mad because you can’t get a skill or decide to try it again and try it again and try it again

  • Your the one who decides if you’ve done all of your training or just some of it

  • You decide if your going to keep working on the things that don’t effect the body that’s injured or you decided it’s a good excuse not to work


How can you be responsible for what you get done at practice

  • Have goals set before you get to practice

  • Challenge yourself to do more that parts of a practice or sets

  • Focus more on your goals and less on hanging out

  • Don’t wait for coaches to tell you to fix your stroke or race, you tell yourself to fix it

  • Ask yourself if you really work hard enough to get the times you want

  • Find out from your coaches if they think your doing it right and what you need to do to make it better if you don’t know