Training Fees

Brownsburg Swim Club is a year-round swim program, but has several new options for families who cannot participate with the year-round club. 

BBSC Training Options

  • Year-round

    • September – August

    • 8 monthly payments, starting in September (prices vary by group)

    • Full 12-year participation (some breaks occur between Short and Long-Course seasons)

  • Short-Course Only

    • September – March

    • 6 months of payments, starting in September

    • Short-Course participation only

  • Winter Only or “Post Fall-Break”

    • October – March

    • 4 months of payments, starting in October

    • Post fall-break Short-Course participation only

  • Senior Group Short-Course Only

    • September – March

    • 1 full payment in advance ONLY

    • Short-Course participation only

  • Long-Course Only

    • April – August

    • 4 months of payments, starting in April

    • Long-Course participation only

      What do the terms Short-Course and Long-Course mean?

  • Short-Course refers to the season of swimming (September to March) where most swimmers train and compete in 25 yard pools

  • Long-Course refers to the season of swimming (April – August) where most swimmers train and compete in 50 meter pools

USA Swimming and BBSC Team Fees

  • Swimmers are also required to register annually with USA Swimming through BBSC for insurance purposes.  The fees for this are as follows:

    • Short-Course fee is $65             NOTE:  This covers the full year – Short and Long-Course

    • Long-Course fee is $35.50        NOTE:  These fees are subject to change

  • These USA Swimming fees are due at the time of registration.

  • BBSC Club fees cover training, a team shirt, team cap and all intra-squad meets fees.

  • Meet entry fees and any miscellaneous team purchases are billed as incurred – next billing period.

  • After a meet entry sign-up deadline has passed, meet entry fees are not refundable and will be billed, even if you do not swim for any reason.

  • A final bill is sent at the conclusion of each season and must be paid prior to the start of the next season.

Group Training Fees and Payment Options:  Training Fees and Payment Options (will be updated soon)


Required Work Session Participation

The annual member agreement requires all parents to fill work sessions at each BBSC hosted invitational meet as club fundraisers in order to keep the actual training fees as low as possible. 4 to 5 meets per year are typical.

  • Senior, Performance, Emerging, and Futures= 2 sessions per swimmer, per meet (max of 4 per meet1)

  • Bulldog Prep = 1 session per swimmer, per meet (max of 2 per meet1)

  • A $100 charge is assessed for each meet session not filled.

1 The annual Circle City Classic requires one additional work session per swimmer, with a family max of 4 per meet.


Training Credits for Officials

    BBSC Members who become USS officials can earn account credits:

  • $100 the first time the official certification is renewed.

  • $25 with every annual renewal.

  • $25 every time the member progresses forward a level in officiating towards becoming a Meet Referee.

  • BBSC also reimburses the annual official registration expense to our members.

  • Additional details can be found in the BBSC member handbook.


Critical Information (Please read carefully):

  • USA Swimming requires a copy of each swimmers birth certificate.  A fine of $100 per meet is assessed by USA Swimming payable by the member and collected by BBSC for non-compliance/non-confirmation of age.  If this is not provided with this registration, please have your swimmer(s) bring it to their first practice session

  • BBSC assesses a $25 administration charge for any early membership withdrawal from the club

  • For swimmers to be eligible for each subsequent season’s practice participation, ALL overdue account balances must be paid in full

  • For swimmers to be eligible for meet participation, their account must be no more than 60 days past due—no exceptions

  • Parents can earn credits to their account balances by becoming and working as meet officials on behalf of BBSC, please see the member handbook for more details

  • If payment is an issue or you have any questions about training and/or charges, please contact the BBSC Business Manager at