Center Grove Aquatic Club







The Center Grove Aquatic Club 2019 Swim Lesson programs are held in the fall, spring and summer.  


There are typically between 4 or 5 sessions that are one week in length (excluding Fridays) each season of the program.


  • Age requirements: Children must be out of diapers at the start of the session. Children up to 12 years old can register for swim lessons.
  • Session Format: One Session = 4 private one-on-one lessons. Each lesson is 40 minutes in length.
  • 4 Time slots available for lessons: Lessons times are posted on the registration site and are held during the evening hours during school year and day time during the summer .  Lessons run Monday-Thursday. No swim lessons will be held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday during the school year.
  • Flexible Schedules Available: Each Individual swimmer can sign up for a sessions that best fit your schedule. There are 6 time slots per each time session.
  • Cost: Each session costs $75 and for 40 minutes of private instruction.
  • Location: Lessons take place at the indoor Center Grove High School Pool. 


  • Lesson Instruction includes: Gradual water adaptation and immersion, movement in water, breath holding and release, submersion of the face, opening eyes underwater, bobbing with bubbles, floating, kicking and basic breathing drills. Instruction techniques are customized to each swimmer's ability and comfort level.


For more information, Continue to Swim Lesson Registration to view more information.


Contact CGAC Swim Lessons at with any questions related to swim lessons.