Online Meet Entries
Select one of the following three options for starting the procedure:
  1. Sign into your family's account.
  2. (1) On the home page, scroll down to the bottom-right box, “Swim Meets”; click on “Attend this Event” or "Edit Commitment".   
  3. (2) On the “Meets & Events” page, click on “Attend this Event” or "Edit Commitment" under the event you want to enter.  


  • Click the member name you want to enter.
  • Select the drop-down to enter the athlete "Yes, please sign [swimmer] up for this event."
  • Include any athlete availability restrictions in the “notes” box; if your swimmer cannot be present for certain sessions or for periods of certain sessions, please specify those sessions or those periods in the box. ​
  • Select the events your child wants to swim.  
  • Click “submit” at the bottom of the page. 
  • Families with more than one swimmer must complete the above steps for each athlete.
  • Initial meet entries will be emailed out shortly after the dROP entry deadline.  Instructions regarding discrepancies or errors will be included in this email.  Final meet entries will be emailed within a few days.  Meet entries are nonrefundable once we have submitted them to the host team.  
  • Once the entries have been sent to the meet host, fees will be added to your team account and automatically billed on the first day of the next month.  
Other Notes of Interest
  1. Per event fees should be listed on the online event selection. Fees are usually $4-5 per event with an additional athlete surcharge.  Championship or Special meets usually cost more.
  2. Once the meet entry has been submitted to the host club, you are responsible for the cost of those events regardless of whether or not your swimmer actually attends.
  3. If you must cancel before the registration deadline, please go back online to un-register the athlete. 
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