Additional Meets

Water Bear swimmers are welcome to participate in meets that are not on our team schedule.  This option is made available for those swimmers who want to swim an event that isn’t offered during our regular meet schedule and for high school athletes who are unable to attend USA Swimming meets during a portion of the season.  Choosing these meets and events is the sole responsibility of the swimmer and their parents.  Any athlete planning on competing in an additional meet must discuss their plans with our coaching staff to make sure they align with their overall training program.  


dROP AQUATICS coaches will not be in attendance at meets that are not on the team calendar.   


The full Michigan Swimming meet schedule can be viewed here.  The following procedure should be followed. 

  1. Download the meet invitation file from the Michigan Swimming Website.  Review the invitation, paying particular attention to the meet entry dates.  It is highly advised to submit entry as early as possible as many meets close shortly after entry opens. 
  2. Select the event(s). 
  3. Send the following information via email to [email protected].
    1. TM Event File (zip file from MI website)
    2. Swimmers name and age
    3. Event name and numbers
  4. Within a few days of your submission, you will receive an email back with the files you need to send to the entry chairperson for the meet as well as a summary of the entry.  You will find this information in the “Entry Procedures” section of the meet invitation. 
  5. You are responsible for submitting the meet entry at the proper time.
  6. Within a few days, you should receive email confirmation or denial of your entry.  If your entry has been accepted, you must complete the waiver and athlete certification form (at the end of the meet packet) and have them signed by Coach Drew or Coach Molly.    
  7. Send the meet entry summary, waiver and athlete certification form, and your check payment as instructed in the “Entry Procedures” and “Entries” sections of the meet invitation.


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