Registration Directions: NEW SWIMMER

Registration Process for NEW Swimmers:

All new swimmers must complete a tryout with our coaches prior to registering their swimmer.

*See New Swimmer Tryouts link at the top of this page for more information on tryouts

• Please go to

•Choose “Start Registration” on the home page or click the link at the bottom of this page.

• Click "Continue or Check Status” at the bottom of that page (green box)

• Complete registration and pay associated fees at checkout Additional Information:

  • Required information will be noted in the registration. 
  • Please read and agree to all agreements within the registration and
  • You must select the USA Swimming Premier (yearly) membership for the fall season. (If you qualify for Outreach financial Support - please reach out directly to the membership coordinator for help)
  • You must provide a Birth Certificate and Signed/Dated copy of the USA Swimming Registration Form:  Please submit these ELECTRONICALLY as able to the membership coordinator.
  • If you are a TRANSFER swimmer you must also check the Transfer fee box in registration and complete and submit this form.  

Club Communication 

  • Our club sends out pertinent information via email once the season has begun. Please be sure the email  address you provide is one which is checked by you on a regular basis.
  • Our club is also utilizing SMS communication as well for information that needs immediate attention (ie weather, pool closings, change in practice times etc) If you are able, please also include a parent/guardian cell number and service provider so that we may communicate.