About DUNE

The Duneland Swim Club, also known as DUNE-IN, located in Chesterton, Indiana. DUNE-IN is a club member of USA Swimming, governed by Indiana Swimming, the Local Swim Committee (LSC) and a member of the Northwest Indiana Swimming Conference. The club is responsible for abiding by all the rules and regulations established by USA Swimming and Indiana Swimming. All coaches, club officials and board member are required to be USA Swimming Non-Athlete Members. All swimmers of the Duneland Swim Club are required to be athlete members of USA Swimming.

The Duneland Swim Club provides a, reasonable low cost, after school activity for all school age children.  DUNE provides instructions for a life saving skill, for the very beginner, to competition improvement and training for the very advanced swimmer.  Along the way participants have an opportunity to learn goal setting techniques, team work skills, personal motivation skills and take care part in community projects such as; the Chesterton Holiday Parade and occasional food and clothing drives for various community organizations.

 The Duneland Swim Club is funded through membership dues and revenues collected from club spirit wear sales and concession during hosted meets.  Fees and revenue collected, will be used for the enrichment of the swimmers experience, swimming equipment (fins, hand paddles, dryland training equipment and other approved items), invite/dual meet fees and surcharges, athlete and non-athlete USA Swimming memberships, club charter fee, club/board insurance, pool/facility rental, operating expense (office supplies, meet management software, technical equipment and approved items), non-coaching professional fees, coaching salaries/certifications/travel expenses and approved continuing coach education opportunities.

The coaching staff is comprised of two full time coaches and several part time coaches. The full time coaching staff hours range from 32-60 hours a week, pending on competition schedule. The duties of the full time staff are to plan/supervise all practices, complete all administrative duties associated with program and continually look for ways to improve the club. Part time staff hours range from 16-30 hours per week, pending competition schedule. The duties of the part time coaching staff include assisting at all practices and meets, completing assigned duties associated with the improvement of DUNE athletes and organization.

Duneland Swim Club offers competitive swim training for the beginner, just starting out in the sport, through the advanced, national swimmer. Our training program is divided into six levels of training. Duneland Swim Club coaches supervise all team practice and team sponsored events. All Duneland Swim Coaches are required to be USA Swimming Non-Athlete Members, Certified in CPR/First Aid/Life Saving, pass, both, a National Background Screening (every two years) and the USA Swimming Coach education Level 1 testing. Club coaches are encouraged to work toward continuing education opportunities. In some cases, these continuing education opportunities are funded through the Duneland Swim Club. All DUNE practices take place at the Chesterton Middle School and High School. Practice times go from 3:00pm to 7:00pm, Monday through Friday. Competitions are held on selected weekends throughout the season.

  1. Beginner Group: our beginners consist of two week train swimmers and swimmers new to the sport. This level focuses on learning the very basics of freestyle and backstroke technique and breathing. The emphasis of this group is to become comfortable in the water and to gain a lifelong love of the sport.  Fun, while learning, is important in this group.

  2. Maroon Group: the Maroon group continues to build on what the swimmers learned in the beginner group. Stroke technique continues to be the primary focus of this group. Breaststroke and butterfly are introduced at this level. Basic competition skills are taught and swimmers are encouraged to try competing at this level. Having fun and gaining a love of the sport continues to be a major focus.

  3. Gold Group: work on all four competitive swimming strokes while increasing yardage is the focus of this group to prepare swimmers for moving up into the intermediate and more competitive swimming group. Diving off the side of the pool and transitioning to diving off the block is taught to this group in preparation for competition. The swimmers at this level are beginning to compete at swim meets on a regular basis. Stroke technique, flip turns, diving, meet preparation and endurance are the focus of this group while still having fun and gaining a lifelong love of the sport.

  4. Intermediate Group: This group continues to work on stroke technique and all skills required for competitive swimming. These swimmers have demonstrated all four competitive strokes. Rules and regulations of competitive swimming are enforced. Aerobic training, dryland exercises, pace clock management and race strategies are introduced.

  5. Advanced Group: these are our championship level swimmers. By this point, technique and skill are perfected and yardage and competition becomes the main focus. Advanced is an intense cardiovascular training group with daily goals of completing posted yardage and maintaining proper technique throughout practice. Dryland training, race strategies and advanced training philosophies are expanded.
  6. Senior Team: Senior program consists of swimmers preparing for the next high school season. Weights and cruise intervals are introduced to allow for individual development. The Head Age Group Coach and Head Senior Coach reserve the right to include any swimmer they feel has the physical and mental ability/development to handle these practices regardless of age. 

With all our groups and all our swimmers, the coaches discuss long and short term goals.  Swimmers are encouraged to work toward attainable goals. These goals range from a beginner swimmer being able to swim the length of the pool without stopping to an advanced swimmer coming in the top eight at state. The coaches encourage each swimmer to think about their individual goals and help them know what those goals are and how to attain them. Along with individual goals, the coaches set group goals and team goals to encourage each swimmer to understand their role as part of a team not only an individual swimmer.

Encouragement and awards are given out often to help motivate the swimmers. The younger groups receive medals and ribbons when accomplishing a goal or being a good leader in practice.  The advanced group has an incentive program. Advanced swimmers receive points when they show good leadership, swim a hard set, drop time, or clean up around the pool deck. When a certain number of points are attained, that swimmer can participate in a coach sponsored activity, such as a pizza party, bowling party, or breakfast with the coaches.

The Duneland Swim Club has two seasons; Fall/Winter, which runs from September to late- March, and Spring/Summer, which runs from April to mid- August. Swimmer fees are collect at the beginning of each season. The DUNE competition schedule is very similar in each season. We offer small two-three club dual meets (2-3/season), multi team invites (3-4/season), seasonal championship events and national level competitions for athletes that qualify. All DUNE attended competitions are sanctioned by USA/Indiana Swimming and hosted by Indiana Swimming club members.