Partners & Outreach
Culture Committee


The goal of this committee is to organize the programming offered to our families (spirit wear, parent education, social events, communication, sponsorships).  Each chair position listed below should include 2 people (always have mentor & a mentee).  Club Culture Committee will have meeting with HC (head coach) and HAGC (head age group coach) within the first 2-3 weeks of each season, as well as 1 month out from championship season. HC or HAGC should provide one week of warning along with needed materials from each chair for best possible meeting. These jobs will last 1 calendar year from April through the following March.  At that time, chair positions will be re-configured, with heavy preference given to those with experience in the past.


Apparel Chair:  The Apparel Chair work alongside Head Coach to service the needs of our athletes and coaches.  Responsibilities include the following:

  • Seasonal Tee Shirt Order (if decided)
  • Championship Tee Shirt Order
  • Working in collaboration with apparel vendor to set-up meet dates, team fittings, tech suit fittings, etc.  Head Coach will select vendor.
  • Additional Parent / Athlete Spirit Gear if deemed necessary
  • Consult w/ vendor on specifics of meet agreements

Parent Education Chair:  The Parent Education Chair will work alongside the Head Coach and Head Age Group Coach to provide educational opportunities for our parents, with particular focus shown to new parents within our club.  Responsibilities would include the following:

  • 2 Parent Education Nights per season, with mandatory attendance shown for new families.  These nights include:
    • Age Group & Senior Group Perspectives
    • Website (entries, meets, calendars, emails, etc.)
    • Meets (how they run, volunteer credits, etc.)
    • Meet with new parents as they enter the club throughout the season
    • Help / Do / Assign the roles of updating our club records (Board & Online), our club championship team board
  • ​Answer general inquiries from prospective new families

​​Social Chair:  The Social Chair will work alongside the Head Coach, Head Age Group Coach, Developmental Coach (10&U’s) to develop team activities outside the pool.  Responsibilities would include:

  • 1 Team Bonding event each season (ex. Bowling alley, laser tag, etc.) for each group – whether as an entire unit or specific training groups
  • Team Presence at community events (ie.  Fall Festival Parade)
  • Volunteer Opportunities for coaches / athletes
  • Parent-Only Nights
  • Special Activities during Travel Meets
  • Awards Banquet / Celebration
  • Work alongside Meet Hosting Awards for ideas for Awards at Banquet, Hot Heats at Meets

Digital Media / Communication Chair:  The Digital Media Chair looks to improve the look, communication, and social media presence for club.  Responsibilities would include:

  • Capture memories:  at our home meets & travel meets, posting pictures on our website as well as Facebook / Instagram / Twitter and promoting use of Shutterfly for picture sharing
  • Meet Posting:  Post Results via Instagram & Facebook, Good Luck posts, etc. 
  • Respond to social:  Answer posts from Facebook, Tweets, etc.
  • Communication: Coaches & Chairs w/ communication if necessary
  • Build club: Campaign / recruit within community for new athletes
  • Celebrate:  Shed light on accomplishments & athletes via Newsletter / Featured Swimmer

Sponsorship / Scholarship Chair:  Likely a business savvy parent, the Sponsorship / Scholarship Chair helps with donations as well as the allocation of funds donated to the S.P.A. account.  This person will work alongside Head Age Group Coach / Head Coach to deem which might be necessary expenditures.  Responsibilities would include:

  • Design and continue to update sponsorship program
    • Communicate w/ Coaches for website updating
    • Make banners for home swim meets
  • Budget an annual expectations of the SPA account (receivables / expenditures)
    • Donations (+)
    • Scholarships (-)
      • What is the criteria (income, attendance expectations, etc)
    • Professional Development for Coaching Staff(-)
      • What should criteria be?  Who should we develop?