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Meet Hosting Committee


The goal of this committee is to ensure a smoothly run hosted meet.  FRST-hosted meets are the lifeblood to the club and providing our club with the means to run a top-notch program.  Our coaches are often very pre-occupied with the meet logistics (USA Swimming / Indiana Swimming compliance, meet entries, meet letter, facility, etc.)  For a smooth transition each time to new volunteers, the coaching staff is very involved with these people.  Each chair position listed below must include 2 people (always have mentor & a mentee).  This group will meet once at the beginning of the season, within the first 2-3 weeks.  If FRST is selected to host a championship meet (ex. Divisionals), there will be an additional meeting 3 weeks beforehand. These jobs will last 1 calendar year from April through the following March.  At that time, chair positions will be re-configured, with heavy preference given to those with experience in the past.


Volunteer Chair:  This critical person helps the coaches keep the meets staffed with volunteers.  Willingness to use team website to gather this information should be considered necessary. Responsibilities would include:

  • Staff concessions, meet program / tickets, hospitality, timers, clerk-of-course, Deck Marshall, etc.

  • Should eventually be self reliant concerning website, contacting families, etc.

Concessions Chair:  Our Concessions chair will be in charge of the concession stand during our 4 meets annually.   Responsibilities will include:

  • Communicate with Volunteer Chair for needed positions

  • Gather needed donation items

  • Purchase the additional needed concession items

  • Report the money to our Vendor Chair

  • Work alongside FCHS athletic director for use of concession stand (may consult Head Coach for help)

  • Work alongside hospitality in meal/snack planning (cost efficient purposes)

Hospitality Chair:  The hospitality chair will be in charge of the concession stand during our 4 meets annually.  Their responsibilities will include:

  • Communicate with Volunteer Chair for needed positions

  • Plan Menu alongside needed donation items

  • Communicate & Gather needed donation items from parents

  • May need to help clean hospitality room before meets in preparation

  • Use volunteers to service coaches and meet staff

  • Use volunteers to clean hospitality room

  • Work alongside concessions in meal/snack planning (cost efficient purposes)


Admissions & Vendor Chair:  The admissions & vendor chair will be in charge of all vendors booking (tee shirts, swim gear, coffee, etc.), admissions, heat sheets, coach sign-in.  The responsibilities should include:

  • Collect & Account for all received cash from concessions, admissions, heat sheets, vendor %’s, etc.

  • Make Heat Sheets for each sessions

  • Abide by USA Swimming Regulations (meet hosting income report, coach sign in, official sign in)

  • Communicate with Volunteer Chair for needed positions (set-up, tear-down included)

  • Tables / Commons Area set-up (tables needed, wi-fi, etc.)

  • Customer complains, Unlocking doors, custodial help, etc.

Meet Director Chair:  A meet director will assist the head coach in organizing the meet operations (meet manager, entries, officials, etc.)  If mentor, should be a certified official or certified through USA Swimming per USA Swimming rules.  Other responsibilities include:

  • Capable of running Meet Manager / Daktronics Unit (for training purposes)

  • Will assign the positions of Computer / Daktronics / Announcer for all sessions

  • Work alongside coach for functionality of meet

    • Touchpads, Buttons, Printers, Computers, Meet Mobile, Relay Cards (if necessary)

    • Standard of protocol (especially in case of Divisionals)

  • Work with Admissions and vendor chair for Heat Sheets

  • Work with Awards Chair for labels, label making, high points, etc.

Awards Chair:  Awards chair will be a one-person ribbon wrecking crew.  It is their job to make sure that all forms of awards are taken care of, with the following job responsibilities:

  • Order correct number of ribbons based on meet letter description and needed awards (keep in mind that some age groups have two different sets of ribbons.  Ex. 10&U (9-10 / 8&Under)

  • Order high point trophies (plaque, towel, tee shirt, etc.)

  • Organize Hot Heat Winners

  • Distribute ribbons to teams

  • Work with Meet Director Chair

    • Labels, label making, printers, etc.

    • High Point Trophies

​​Officials Chair: (not pictured) Our officials chair will help ensure that our Meet Official has the needed supplies, staff, and time to ensure a smooth meet.  This person also is integral in helping recruit new officials within our club.

  • Communicate with our Meet Official
  • Maintain walkie-talkies & headsets
  • Maintain any printed materials that are needed for meet
  • Communicate with Meet Director
  • Recruit new officials within FRST