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GSI Mission Statement
Using our resources to cultivate a diverse swim culture in our community through quality education, training, and competition

Vision Statement

Empowering our members to be the best and most competitive swim club in North Central Indiana.


Developmental "B" Group

This group is for athletes who are able to swim 25 yards of Freestyle and Back Stroke Without Stopping.  Our goal is to continue to help swimmers be water safe and begin helping them understand the four competitive strokes.  Swimmers are still working on making friends, having fun, and learning what competitive swimming is.  We ask that all swimmers in this group participate in the GSI hosted meets we have during the year.

To be considered "ready" for the next group, swimmers need to be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle and back stroke, 25 yards of breast stroke, and kick 25 yards of butterfly on their back.

Developmental "A" Group

This group is for athletes who have a basic understanding of the four competitive strokes.  Some athletes may have possibly mastered freestyle, and possibly back stroke and breast stroke.  Athletes in this group are working on listening, breathing to the side on freestyle, flip turns, open turns, and butterfly.  We ask that athletes in this group participate in the GSI meets hosted during the year, as well as venture to some of the other local meets that are hosted in the area.

To be considered "ready" for the white group, athletes must be able to swim a legal 100 yards of Freestyle and Back Stroke,  50 yards of Breast Stroke, and 25 yards of Butterfly.  Swimmers must also attend 50% of practices for the season.  **Legal means that they must have attended a swim meet and have a time in each of the above events.

White Group

The white group is for athletes who have legal times with USA swimming and want to begin becoming more competitive as a swimmer.  Athletes in this group focus on mastering all four main strokes.  Athletes are deciding that swimming is a sport they want to be successful with.  The goal for our white group athletes is to begin being responsible for their attendance, to continue to have fun with swimming, learn to set goals, make friends from other teams, learn new training techniques, and learn to use a pace clock.

To be considered "ready" for the Red Group, swimmers must be able to swim 200 yards of Freestyle and the Individual Medley, 100 yards of Back Stroke and Breast Stroke, 50 yards of Butterfly, only miss 2 practices a week, and understand how to use a Pace Clock.

Red Group

Red group athletes will be taught how to use the fundamentals they have learned to increase their endurance and begin training for longer events.  Mastery of the 200 IM as well as longer distance events is the main goal of this group.  Although having fun and making new friends are still a priority, athletes will begin to transition to a more demanding and competitive atmosphere.  Athletes are expected to be at practice (commitment = success).  Red Group swimmers are expected to attend multiple swim meets a month, being competitive in those meets.  Athletes will be taught how to handle swims that are not best times and celebrated with in achieving personal bests.  Athletes will be guided to set long-term goals, taught what it will take to achieve those goals, and celebrated with when reaching those goals.

In order to be considered "ready" for the Blue Group, swimmers must be able to swim 500 yards of Freestyle, 200 yards of Back Stroke and Breast Stroke, 100 yards of Butterfly, understand how to swim the 200 Individual Medley, know what their goals are in swimming, and miss 1 practice a week.

Blue Group

The Blue Group is for those swimmers who have become serious about swimming and are ready to concentrate on swimming as their primary sport.  Blue Group swimmers are expected to attend swim meets and compete at a high level.  The primary ages for Blue Group swimmers are 11-12s with Age Group State cut times and 13-14s with Divisional Cuts.  Blue group swimmers are expected to be semi-self motivated, set short-term and long-term goals, and understand the commitment needed to achieve those goals.

By the time swimmers are done with the Blue Group they should have swum the mile, 400 Individual Medley, 200 Butterfly, understand what it will take to acheive their goals in swimming, and only miss 1 practice a week.

Senior Group

This group is for any athlete who is 15 years of age or older and/or currently enrolled in Goshen High School.  Athletes in this group vary in skill range and ability level.  This group will contain swimmers who have national cuts down to swimmers who have just begun to swim.  Each swimmer is given practices which match their ability level and asked to be better than they were the season before.  The goal is to create a senior team which thinks of themselves as 200 IMers while working to become more efficient in the 400 IM and the longer distance stroke events.