Winter 18/19

June 2019  

Developmental B Developmental A

Leo Espino

Leo has put so much effort into this season and has proven himself so much! He takes pride in doing strokes correctly even if he isn’t the fastest, and coach chaise has said this is so important since day one. Leo’s butterfly technique is amazing and I’m so proud of him!




Maggie Dorn

Maggie moves up in groups so quickly and if that doesn’t show her perseverance I don’t know what does. She has tried her hardest since day one and it surely is paying off. Maggie, you will go far!



White Red


Genna Yoder

 Genna is a hard working and driven athlete with a bubbly personality. She can always lift her teammates' spirits and create a cheerful, energetic atmosphere at practice and meets. Keep up the amazing work!



Olivia Goertz

Olivia has shown incredible leadership and ambition wanting the best out of each practice both for herself and for the entire group. She has a natural, prestigious personality that has made her successful both in and out of the pool. Keep up the great work!


Blue/Senior Summer Prep

Azuna Espino
Levi Moser
Peter Moser
Austin Elliott
Sam Goertz
Sam Hunter

These swimmers set the positive tone at the NASA meet at the end of June. Each of them showed that they were leaders and AMAZING teammates. Every single one of them deserves this award.



Sarah Patino Rios


Sarah has improved more in skill and attitude than I’ve ever seen in another swimmer. She has found a sense of pride in her new abilities that I hope all other swimmers can find.    



May 2019  

After careful consideration and discussion between Coach Seth and Coach Olivia, there will not be any Red Group swimmers of the month for April or May. We will all work together as a group do build the tools needed for our teammates to succeed and excel.
Developmental B Developmental A

Evelyn Lopez

 Evelyn is new to GSI, but has worked so hard already this season. Her improvement has been phenomenal to watch in such a short amount of time. Her dedication and listening skills are admirable. Super excited to see how this season goes for this girl!




Abril Reyes

Abril is new to GSI and is catching on so fast. I love how hard she works in practice, and how well she picks up on new material. Her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and I'm so happy to have her on our team.



White Red


Megan Lagunas

 Megan is an excellent hard worker and role model for the team. Her incredible listening skills and ambition to improve everyday has definitely shown in her swimming. She comes to practice with a determined attitude and mindset that nothing will stop her from being a successful athlete and remarkable person. Keep up the amazing work!



[no swimmer selected]


Blue/Senior Summer Prep

Skye Steury

Skye not only attends practice, but he works hard. He wants to be a complete swimmer. Skye tries harder on the skills and swims that he is not as good at because he wants to improve upon them. That is a remarkable quality for a state champion swimmer. 



Christian Molina


Christian is always listening as following instruction and has even come in for extra practices on Wednesdays. 



April 2019  

Developmental B Developmental A


David Galvan

 David started this season working extra hard, and has had a great attitude since day one. He is a great example for our team, and has improved so much from last season. I’m super proud of him.



Alvaro Alvarez Gil

Alvaro’s determination is unbeatable. He’s constantly asking me what he can do to improve in anyway possible. I have no doubt Alvaro will be successful in the swimming world, with just his attitude alone. I also want to thank him for always offering to give examples to his team.



White Red

Nathalie Freeze

 Natalie has proven herself to be a reliable leader and hard worker. She brings enthusiasm to the pool every day and works hard in practice. Natalie is an example for her group and all of the other groups as well.




[No swimmer selected]



Blue/Senior Summer Prep

Sam Goertz

 Sam has risen to the challenge of moving directly into the Senior Group from the White Group. He takes practices seriously and although they may be challenging at times, he does not stop. Since joining Senior Group Sam has not complained once. He asks questions, and follows directions. He is the definition of a swimmer of the month.



Nathalie Gonzalez Vega

 Nathalie is always working hard, is very focused on improving and always gives everything she has when working on new skills.