Does my swimmer have to compete if he or she joins the team?

Competing is always optional; however, it is strongly encouraged. Yes, swimming is a great exercise that will help encourage healthy habits for a lifetime, but most kids are not motivated by those kinds of "adult"goals. Kids goals are more immediate, whether they're highly competitive or not. They want to feel that they can do something. Competitive swimming is a terrific way for kids to feel a sense of individual achievement while at the same time being part of a team.

While not every swimmer can come in first, every swimmer can strive to achieve their personal best in every event they swim. Dropping a second or more off your previous time in an event is always a reason to celebrate and proves that hard work at practice pays off.

Do I have to buy a USA Swim Card to join the team?

Yes! We require all of our swimmers to have a USA Swim Card. This fee is in addition to the registration fee and is non-refundable. It must be paid in full at the time of registration.