Fees and Dues Info


MTV Registration Fees and Dues

MTV's monthly payments are on a month to month basis. We pride ourselves on keeping costs down for families through being a strong volunteer organization.  You will find our fees and dues are very competitive with any other options in the area.

MTV Swim Team Members
For MTV Swim team members, the 2020-2021 year USA Swimming Registration fee is $77.00 and is due at fall registration in September or for all members at the beginning of the season.  We also charge a yearly registration fee of $50 that is due with the fall registration.  In an effort to keep this cost to a minimum, the club will host meets and hold fundraisers.  New and returning MTV Swim Team swimmers should register by following the online MTV registration tab to keep up with the yearly fees and update needed information each season.

The USA Swimming year starts September 1st.  Swimmers without a current USA Membership are not allowed to continue practicing after two weeks nor are they insured under the club.

MTV Swim Lesson Participants
Members of our swim lessons groups are insured under separate USA Swimming Insurance carried by MTV Swim Team.  Participants pay per session fees for each session of classes you register to attend.  Sign up for swim lessons under the “Register Swim Lessons” link on the main website page.

MTV Swim Team Fees

Monthly Fees- The group fees for the 2019/2020 season are as follows:

Guppies--$42 monthly

V Team--$64 monthly

T Team--$69 monthly

M Team--$77 monthly

Excel Team & High School Team-- $87 monthly


Payment Methods
You are encouraged to link your account to a credit card or checking account for direct deposit of payments.  Electronic payments and billing are the reason we use TeamUnify.  However, you have the option paying in advance two weeks prior to the automatic billing.  Advance payment may be made via check rather than using a bank or credit card account number.  If paying by check, please make payment two weeks in advance of the bills going out on the 1st of each month so that our treasurer has time to post them to your account.  Put checks in the treasurer’s mailbox at the pool.

Check your account regularly and contact treasurer Kathy Bouche if you have any questions.  
Further information on payments and fees is available in the MTV Team Handbook under the "MTV Information Tab"

MTV is no longer accepting payments via PayPal.

MTV Swim Team offers practices and staffs coaches based on the number of registrations for each season.  Your dues go towards letting us offer the number of practices for each group necessary for swimmers of that commitment level to succeed in reaching their goals.  MTV schedules meets intended for different ability levels, and commits in advance to staffing coaches for each meet.  The travel and staffing costs for practices and meets made available to each group are reflected in the dues.  The volunteer work we ask of parents for home meets and a small number of fundraisers is reflected in the successful efforts we have made to keep dues affordable.