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Aqua Fitness

                               Updated 07/28/2018

Aqua Fitness

Aquatic fitness is an exercise program that uses the water in the least hydrodynamic way as

a resistance to obtain a training effect. It is the exact opposite of swimming. The resistance of

the water is approximately 12 times that on land, and therefore, each movement performed

in the water will require a greater amount of energy than that required to perform similar

activities on land.

  • Tuesdays & Thursday evenings
  • 7-8pm
  • NMS Pool
  • $4.00/class


  • To use the water as a tool to increase the aerobic and muscular fitness level of the participant
  • To provide the modifications necessary to avoid injury while training in the water
  • To provide a fun and enjoyable environment for people with varying fitness levels



  • Increased mind/body awareness, lung capacity & endorphin production.
  • Enhanced neuromuscular reactivity, bowel activity, productivity & intellectual capacity.
  • Decreased working heart rate in comparison to training at a similar intensity on land
  • Increased heart rate recovery due to the effects of the water
  • Exerciser will not work beyond capability due to the protective quality of the water
  • Increased basal metabolic rate due to increased muscular density
  • Loss of fat tissue due to aerobic physical activity
  • Increased capillary beds as well as total blood volume
  • Increased systolic volume and the level of good cholesterol
  • Maintained or increased bone density and elasticity
  • Increased thermoregulatory efficiency
  • Decreased insomnia and psychological stress
  • Stabilized BP: decreasing high blood pressure and increasing low blood pressure
  • Improved performance and intensity of movements in water

The following dates will hold Aqua Fitness during the month of August:

  • Tuesday, July 31st – NO PM FITNESS
  • Thursday, August 2nd – NO PM FITNESS
  • Tuesday, August 7th – NO PM FITNESS
  • Thursday, August 9th – NO PM FITNESS
  • Tuesday, August 14th – NO PM FITNESS
  • Thursday, August 16th – NO PM FITNESS
  • Tuesday, August 21st
  • Thursday, August 23rd
  • Tuesday, August 28th 
  • Thursday, August 30th



Questions? Contact Dan Herber at 822-5368 or at