Volunteer Commitment

Volunteer Commitment

By Volunteering, you are helping the Club keep your memebership dues low.  Hosting Swim Meets is the largest fundraising event the Club does every year.  Your efforts help make the Noblesville Swim Club the best it can be.

Each Noblesville Swim Club family provides workers to volunteer a minimum number of meet sessions as determined by the NOB Board of Directors.  If your family cannot fulfill the requirements, it is your responsibility to find a qualified volunteer to take your place.

We do provide a hospitality room at our home swim meets.  Any person who works at least one session on a given day may eat in the hospitality room while working or after your shift.  However, no children are allowed in the hospitality room.

Since teams throughout the state judge NOB by the quality of the meets we sponsor, it is imperative that all members contribute.  Thank you for your understanding and support of the meet guidelines.


Volunteer Commitment           

Approximately one third of the club's revenues come from hosting swim meets.  These revenues are used to offset club fees.  They also provide an opportunity for the kids to swim in a familiar environment.  In order to host a meet, we need the help of all our member families.  As a result, we will require the following commitments from each family:



 Number of Sessions

Ice Breaker

November  3-5


Deep Freeze

January 12-14


Closed Invite March 24-25                 2

If you are unable or unwilling to fulfill this requirement, you will be charged $75 for each session you do not work.