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Championship Qualifiers

 2021-2022 Pacesetter Short Course Championship Qualifiers

Swimmers have qualified for at least one championship event they are listed under based on qualifying times from USA Swimming or Middle/High School meets.

Divisional Qualifiers State Qualifiers Sectional Qualifiers Futures Qualifiers
Kaya Arnold (7) Evan Dickson (1)    
Delaney Annis (2) Koy Ramer (1)    
Adelaide Bingham (9)      
Lorelei Bingham (4)      
Avery Dethy (4)      
Rileigh Dethy (9)      
Evan Dickson (10)      
Ruby Dunn (9)      
Laci Foster (3)      
Macyn Jackson (7)      
Cooper Lyvers (8)      
Hadley Lyvers (1)      
Christian Miller (1)      
Emily Miller (6)      
Molly Miller (1)      
Maggie Nifong (6)      
Bryce Norton (1)      
Jaga Pagva (10)      
Margad Pagva (11)      
Koy Ramer (8)      
Isaac Ramirez (8)      
Jack Spicer (10)      
Alston Williams (4)      

*Relay qualifier

(Number of Cuts)

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