Parent Agreement

TRAC Parent Agreement

I agree that I will be billed for unpaid fees, and I am responsible to pay such amount promptly or understand I will be subject to a late charge of $10 if it is not paid by the 10th of each month. To participate in any meets, hosted or not hosted by TRAC, I must be current with all fees due the club. If I am not current(more than 30 days delinquent - from billing date), I understand that my child or children will not be able to participate in the upcoming meet.

I agree that meet entry charges will be due for meets in which my swimmer(s) is (are) entered. Entry fees include charges per event, along with surcharges paid to Indiana Swimming.

I agree that I will volunteer my time to assist with work assignments at the meets TRAC will host this season, and understand that failure to volunteer will result in the assessment of a $100.00 charge per session. 3 sessions will be required for each meet that TRAC hosts.

I agree and give my permission that any photographs taken of my family can be used for swimmer or team promotion, whether it is print media, advertisements, online, or any other format that TRAC chooses. I hereby hold harmless and release and forever discharge TRAC from all claims, demands, and causes of action by reason of this authorization.

TRAC agrees that within 2 weeks after the first practice session, I may cancel this agreement, and be refunded all fees paid, by contacting the TRAC Administrator. If not canceled, I understand I am committed to pay the charges shown on this agreement for the entire swim year, or swim season, depending on my child’s grouping. Limited situations may be allowed for the release of remaining charges, such as season-ending injury or parent job transfer; however, it will be within the discretion of the head coach and board of directors as to whether fees will be dismissed. If fees are not dismissed, I have the right to present my case at an upcoming board meeting. I will give any change in training group to my child's coach, and that information will be communicated to the TRAC Treasurer.

For 1 swim year or season, if my child or children join the club at a time after the initial registration, then fees will be charged for the remainder of the swim year, or depending on grouping, the remainder of the swim season. Fees will not be charged from the beginning of the swim season to the time my child or children join. Again, this will be allowed 1 time. For any year following this 1 time allowance, fees for the entire swim year or season will be due.

If fees due the club are not paid, in total, by the end of the swim year, further collection efforts will take place. If placed with a collection agency or attorney, additional fees will be charged to my delinquent balance.

Swimmers will not be allowed to practice without current TRAC registration, current USA Swimming Registration and a birth certificate on file with TRAC. Also, fees due the club must be current(no more than 30 days delinquent from billing date). Families must have signed up to work 3 sessions for each TRAC hosted meet before practice begins.