Scrip Program
 TRAC scrip program is offered YEAR around and a great way to help offset swim fees.
 ThreeRivers Aquatic Club, Inc. Fort Wayne, In
Enrollment Code: 6CC37FFD12361

When is scrip available?
Online every day.

Scrip  Order Schedule
ORDER BY 10 a.m.     Pick up during gold practice time at the natatorium.

Plastic Gift Cards * Scrip Now and Reload can be done at any time!

Friday 08/19/16 contact me for pick up 
Friday 08/02/16 contact me for pick up 
Friday  08/16/16 Friday 08/23/16 
Friday 08/30/16 Friday 10/07/16 
Friday  10/14/16 Friday 10/21/16
Friday  10/28/16  Thursday 11/03/16 
Friday  11/11/16 Friday 11/18/16 
Friday 11/25/16  Thursday 12/01/16
riday 12/02/16 Friday 12/09/16 
Friday 12/09/16 Friday 12/16/16 
Friday 12/16/16 Thursday 12/22/16 
Friday 01/06/17 Friday 01/13/17 
Friday 01/20/17 Friday 01/27/17 
Friday 02/03/17 Thursday 02/09/17 
Friday 02/17/17 Thursday 02/24/17 
Friday 03/03/17 Thursday 03/09/17 
Friday 03/17/17 contact me for pick up

Friday 04/01/16
Tuesday 04/12/16
Friday 04/15/16
Friday 04/22/16
Friday 04/29/16
Friday 05/06/16
Friday 05/13/16
Friday 05/20/16
Friday 04/01/16
Tuesday 04/12/16
Friday 04/15/16
Friday 04/22/16
Friday 04/29/16
Friday 05/06/16
Friday 05/13/16
Friday 05/20/16

* If a pick up time changes I will contact people who have orders.
 Amy Dankert email Text or call 260-417-7631 Contact me if you are unable to make it to practice on the specified day of delivery.

How much of the scrip credit is applied towards your swimmers account?
90% goes to your swim account and 10% goes to the club.

How do I know the credit is applied towards my account?
Every 3 months a credit will be applied to your swimmers billing statement.

You can save hundred dollars per year using our scrip program. We hope you will take full advantage of this great program.

After you create your Scrip account , you must set up a Presto Pay account before ordering.  You will be given a 4 digit code that you must give the coordinator to enter before you can purchase items.  We will not accept personal checks for payment.

Contact information: Amy Dankert at

Kroger Shoppers

Have you registered your Kroger Plus Card for the Kroger Community Rewards Program?

It is very simple to do and TRAC will receive 3% of your total bill in cash back!  This program will NOT affect your fuel points or credit card points!!!  All you have to do is follow the simple instructions to register your card then shop like you usually do at Kroger!


    Here’s how to register your Kroger Card with TRAC:

1). Visit

2). If you have a Kroger Community Rewards account, click on Sign In.  If you don’t have a Kroger Community rewards account, click on Create Account and fill in the desired information.

3). Once you are signed in, click on Enroll Now.

4). Link your Kroger Plus Card to Three Rivers Aquatic Club

            Input first three letters of our organization: Thr


            Input our account number 10184

5). Click on the circle in front of Three Rivers Aquatic Club

6). Now click on Enroll

You are all set.  Every time you swipe your Kroger Plus Card or input your registered phone number, TRAC  will earn 3% of your total purchase.