Team Building Volunteering

All families participating in TRAC are required to volunteer a minimum of six hours of their time to help run the TRAC Swim Team. This is above and beyond hours required at TRAC hosted meets. This is an annual commitment and will not be prorated should you leave the team.  

Team Building and Administrative Volunteering could be hours that you might help to set-up and/or tear down a Stroke and Turn clinic breakfast, hours that you use to set-up and take down a bulletin board display, hours you help sort ribbons, or hours that you might use to sit on a committee for a team fundraiser etc.  Some other methods for meeting team building and administrative volunteering requirements are as follows: 

  • Setting-up, preparing, cooking, cleaning up for team social and fundraising events (Away Meet Dinner/Games, Laser Tag, Family Fun Day, Awards Ceremony, Splash-N-Dash etc.)
  • Serving or chairing on a committee for social and fundraising events
  • TRAC Board of Directors
  • Assisting with Stroke & Turn Clinic breakfast, Bulletin Board, Beads for Speed, Bag Tags, Donation Check-in etc.
  • Attending and participating within a community event, public service event or recruitment event for the team (City Swim Meet Recruitment, Indiana Swimming House of Delegates etc.)
  • Being an Official for TRAC

The number of hours worked for these various volunteer opportunities will be determined by the hours actually worked unless otherwise stated.  A volunteer sign-up sheet MUST be made available by the person coordinating the event and completed by the volunteer(s) for credit to be given to each family participating.  Each family is responsible for obtaining and completing the volunteer event form from the coordinator of the event.  Make sure to ask about this if not readily provided.