Meet Volunteer Commitment

A Guide to Meet Volunteering for TRAC hosted meets

All registered families are required to work a set number sessions for all TRAC-hosted meets.  This applies even if your swimmer is NOT participating in that meet.

Session requirements for registered families depend on season registration numbers and whether TRAC was awarded any championship meets.
 2017-2018 season each family must work 3 sessions at the fall meet, 5 sessions for the winter meet, and 2 sessions for the summer hosted meets.

A $100 per session buyout option is available on a case-by-case basis, but we really prefer your volunteer time!  Once the Volunteer Sign-Up page is “live”, choose the job(s) you want to volunteer for and the shifts when you want to do them.  Job explanations and descriptions are below.

Meets typically have two to three sessions per day and each session is approximately five hours long, depending on the size and length of the meet.  Sometimes meets go long – so these times are approximate. We do host a prelim/Finals meet in Jan. This meet has 3 session on both Sat and Sun. 

We are willing (within limits) to work with team members to help them reach their commitment.  If you know you have another commitment that will conflict with you meeting your family volunteer requirement, contact us immediately.

Consult the Team Events web page(s) for specific information on the meet and the exact times of warm ups, check-ins, etc.  Once the Volunteer Sign-Up page is “live”, be sure to check the web site for shift start times and other specifics.

Responsible older swimmers and siblings (high school age and older) can fill some volunteer shifts in fulfillment of the family's obligation. However, swimmers MAY NOT work shifts at a TRAC meet until they have finished competing at that meet (until after they have swum their last event at that meet, or if they are not swimming at that meet at all).

The meet director at any time may ask someone to fulfill another obligation on the day of the meet – other than what they signed up for – based on no-shows or priorities.

How to Sign up

TRAC uses the web-based Team Unify program to organize volunteers.  You will receive an email when the Volunteer Sign-Up page goes “live”.  This link will also be posted on the TRAC homepage.  Jobs fill very quickly; it is best not to wait to choose your volunteer position.

Families who must cancel their meet shift(s) during the week prior to that meet must make their own arrangements for someone else to cover those shifts and notify the meet director of their replacement. If you are a no-show on the day of a meet that you signed up to work for, your account will be billed a $100 missed session meet volunteer fee.

Other Ways to Fulfill Work Requirements

There are other ways to receive volunteer work credit.  Working or apprenticing as an official at any home meet will count toward fulfilling the family volunteer obligation. There are also some shifts available for the pickup/preparation of food for concessions (food sold at meets) or for hospitality(food served during the meet to coaches and officials).  There are other meet-support positions like awards chairperson, photographer that can be filled.  If you would like to explore these ways of fulfilling your family work obligation, please contact Yardley Glassley.

Descriptions for Volunteer Positions

50/50 Raffle Sales – Sales of 50/50 raffle tickets to raise funds for TRAC.  Work with and near the Admissions table at the beginning of each session, and then walk throughout the facility to sell raffle tickets.

Admissions – You’ll arrive before the scheduled start of warm-ups to sell entrance admission and heat sheets. Usually requires two or three persons each session.  It is extremely important to arrive on time for your shift start. All workers must be 18 years of age.

Announcer – Provides the voice of the meet.  You will announce the events and the possibly the participants in each heat, along with any other pertinent information as needed.  An announcer is needed for each session, and sometimes an assistant Announcer is required.  Announcer shifts normally begin 15 minuets prior to warm ups beginning.

Ribbons – You will take results from the Results Runner and organize ribbons and trophies for distribution.  

Computer Operator -   The Hytek computer system is the "the brains" of the meet, If you are interested in learning the system to assist with future meets please contact Yardley Glassley.
Computer Operator - MARK HAMMES

Clean-up Crew – At the conclusion of meets, we need people to assist with returning the facility to its pre-meet condition.   The Clean-Up Crew begins towards the end of the meet.  You’ll help take down concessions, hospitality, and organize and return items to storage that were used at the meet.

Concessions – This involves selling and/or preparing food.  There is a Concessions Chairperson,  who will dictate the need for number of positions and kind of help (preparing, picking-up, and/or selling food) needed.  Concession Chairperson - Karen Westrick

Hospitality – You’ll work with our Hospitality Chairperson in the care and feeding of coaches and officials in the Coach/Official Hospitality Room at the meet.  This position involves food/beverage preparation, distribution and clean-up.  You’ll also deliver water/snacks to coaches, officials and timers a few times each session.  

Meet Directors -  The organizers who direct the efforts of the people running the meet. We are always looking for people interested in learning this job. Please contact Yardley Glassley if you would like to train for this position. 

Meet Marshal
 – USA Swimming regulations requires at least two Meet Marshals to be on site during a sanctioned meet –  From warm-ups until the session ends, you will be ensuring that the swimmers, coaches, and spectators adhere to certain standards of safe behavior.  

Officials – If you are interested in becoming an official, this will fulfill your volunteer requirement.  Let Yardley Glassley know and we will get you the information you need.  If you are a qualified official, there will be opportunities to sign up when the Volunteer Sign-Up page goes “live”. 

Scoreboard Operator & Trainee - This person is responsible for running the score board at meets. We will also have a scoreboard operator Trainee position available for most sessions. 

Score Table Administrator and/ or Time Trial Sign-Up – If there are scratch deadlines required for a meet, the Score Table Administrator will be listed you’ll get guidance from meet officials.  Regarding Time Trial sign-up, you will work on deck to take requests and fees for Time Trials and to verify that swimmers have qualifying times.  Again, you’ll get additional guidance from meet officials.  

Deck Runners and Results Runners – You will pick up Timer sheets from the timers and deliver them to the computer table, post results in hospitality and upstairs, distribute to and from the awards table and meet announcer, and carry out other such duties as needed. 

Set-Up and Decorations – Volunteers here will assist with set-up on the evening before or on the early morning prior to the meet—decorating, setting the hospitality area and concessions area, moving all needed equipment from storage.  If help is needed, the Volunteer Sign-up page will have specific time and number requirements. 

Clerk of Course – When meet sessions include younger swimmers (8 & Under’s), adult volunteers are used to line up the swimmers and assist them with getting into the proper lanes.  
Clerk of Course Chairperson - 

Timers & Back-Up Timers – We require two timers per swim lane, plus an additional two back-up timers per shift.  Your primary duty is to operate a stopwatch and electronic back-up button.  Timers serve as the secondary and tertiary back up to the primary (electronic pad) timing system.  At our home meets, we will supply all of the timers (16+2 or 20+2 timers per session).  Timers need to be at least 15 years old.  The Timers meeting usually takes place about 15 minutes before meet start time.  New timers don’t need to shy away from this commitment as we will combine a more experienced timer with a new timer.