Registration & Fees

Whiteland Hypersonic Swimming Fee Structure


Registration is by season.  Registration will take place in August for the Short Course season and April for the Long Course season. Once registered, swimmers are responsible for 100% of the fees due for that season.

Whiteland Hypersonic Swimming provides an option for all members to use credit/debit card and/or enable direct bank processing to pay all fees and expenses.

Invoices will be issued on the 1st of each month and must be paid in full by the 10th of the month.  If you select the credit/debit card or enable direct bank processing, the full invoice amount will be charged on the 1st of the month.  

You will receive a copy of the invoice at least 4 days prior to the 1st.  If there are any discrepancies, please contact before the 1st.

Please note that there is a 3% fee for all credit/debit card transactions.


Fees Paid at time of Registration per Swimmer: (non-refundable)

  1. Seasonal Hypersonic Registration Fee: $50 (due in Sept & April)
  2. Yearly USA Swimming Registration Fee: $65
  3. Training Fee: (Fee is based on training group)


Joining Mid-Season:

If you join mid-season, you will pay the full Seasonal Hypersonic Registration fee and the full USA Swimming Registration fee.  Training fees will be pro-rated as they become due.


Team Uniform:

Whiteland Hypersonic Swimming requires that all swimmers compete in team branded gear.  The seasonal registration fee includes a t-shirt and 1 silicone cap and 1 latex cap for every swimmer.  If you would like to purchase additional apparel, please contact


Training Fees: Paid every other month (non-refundable)


Season Payment 

Payment plan Billing months

Short Course

Long Course

Pre Competitive


 Sept (Due at registration), Nov, Jan

Apr (due at registration) $145, June $145



 Sept (Due at registration), Nov, Jan

Apr (due at registration) $145, June $145



 Sept (Due at registration), Nov, Jan

Apr (due at registration) $175, June $175

Senior 360  Sept (Due at registration), Nov, Jan

Apr (due at registration) $185, June $185




Apr (due at registration) $205, June $205


**Please note: Any middle school swimmer that participates on the Clark-Pleasant Middle School Swim Team does NOT pay the January training fees. All meet fees will be due, however.

** Please note, these fees do not include meet fees. Meet fees will be on your bill in addition to Team fees. Meet fees will be billed on a monthly basis.



Free/Reduced Lunch: Please contact for pricing.

Multi-Swimmer Family Discount:

  • 10% discount in Training Fees for the second swimmer in a family.
  • 15% discount in Training Fees for the third
  • 40% discount in Training Fees for the fourth, fifth (and subsequent) swimmers in a family.

Discounts are applied from the highest-fee group to the lowest-fee-group. For example, if you have 3 swimmers, one in National, one in Junior and one in Developmental, the National swimmer is full price, the Junior swimmer gets 10% off and the Developmental swimmer gets 15% off.

Discounts are applied to Training Fees Only. They are not applied to registration fees and/or meet fees. 


Meet Fees:

A fee is charged by the host swim club for each event a swimmer enters at a swim meet. These fees will automatically be added to your account. Fees range from $2 to $5 per event. At most meets, swimmers can compete in 3 to 5 events per day. Meet fees are non-refundable.


Dues Collections and Procedures:

Bills that are over 30 days past due are considered delinquent. Coaches will be informed that the child cannot participate in training or competition meets until delinquent balances are paid. If an account goes over 90 days past due, the account will be suspended and will be forwarded to a collection agency. Collection fees will be added into the amounts due. 

Any fees charged to Hypersonic Swimming as a result of a failed payment will be added to your account.



Any swimmer may cancel membership for any reason prior to September 30 for the Short Course season and by April 30 for the Long Course season.  In this scenario, the swimmer will be responsible for all registration fees, swim meet fees and the first month of training fees.

If you wish to withdraw swimmer(s) from the team prior to the end of the season, you must:

  • Make a request in writing to
  • Settle any outstanding fees owed to Whiteland Hypersonic Swimming.  These are payable upon termination of participation.
  • Training fees are obligated for the committed season and are non-refundable, the only exception to this is if there is a medical issue.  In this scenario, a doctor’s note must be provided stating that the swimmer is unable to continue participation.