Team Uniform

WTSC Team Uniform

  • All active swimmers on the team will receive 1 dry-fit team shirt.
  • Day 1 of a meet: team shirt & black cap
  • Day 2 of a meet: team shirt & red cap
  • Day 3 of a meet: team shirt & black cap
  • Please note that "day of meet" refer to the total days offered, not which days you swim. If a meet is a Friday, Saturday, Sunday meet, and your first day of swimming at the meet is Saturday, that is still the second day of the meet.
  • Caps are available for purchase- either cash or billed to your account. Latex caps are $5, silicone $12. We recommend picking up a few extra for the season, in particular for those swimmers that have especially long hair. Note that swimmers are not required to wear a cap at meets, however if a cap is worn, it must be the team cap.
  • Team Suit: either the WTSC Team Suit (black with red trim with the team logo) or a plain black suit. These are available for purchase at Circle City Swimwear (71st and Binford Blvd)
  • Note this uniform policy is only in place for competitions. Swimmers may wear any choice of suit or cap at practice.Further, we recommend in particular NOT wearing your racing suit at practice, as it will last longer not being subjected to daily use.